Why I love Wild Bangarang Leggings!

I recently had an amazing customer service experience with Wild Bangarang and it reminded me of the reasons why I love them and their leggings. I’ve been trying to get photos and decide on this post for a few weeks now so hopefully it’s not too rambly. This is probably the closest I’ll get to ootd post, I tried, I’m just not confident enough but these photos aren’t too bad.

Jim bought me their Sylvanas Legion leggings for my birthday last year. I was still in the midst of shit, depressed about loads of things including my weight, still struggling to deal with my legs’ inability to work properly and still working to accept my diagnosis (still haven’t tbh).

I was, at this point going to the gym to try and become stronger and while this was kind of working, I struggled to find gym clothes that made me feel comfortable and able to express myself. I came across Wild Bangarang on Instagram and was instantly obsessed with their World of Warcraft collection. I couldn’t really justify spending that much money on a single item for myself at the time so I just obsessed from afar and into Jim’s ear every time one of their photos appeared on my feed. So he bought me a pair to wear to the gym. And I was ecstatic.

Since then I have amassed quite a decent collection, managing to grab a pair here or there and in some of their sales. Jim even has a couple of pairs too! With each license and collection they bring out I feel a little bit sad because I wish I could own them all.

Wild Bangarang are a UK based company, currently in their third year (I think) and they now have licenses for World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Warhammer, DC Comics, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Lord of the Rings, WWE and Tokidoki.

Their designs are absolutely beautiful. I favour the Blizzard designs most but I do own a few from other collections. They are so comfy, they have a high waist so I don’t get them rolling down my tummy. Even on my fat ass the designs still look great and I don’t get the white patches that you do on cheap leggings where the design disappears when it is stretched. I spend every day in a pair of these whether I am working out or not, the designs make me feel strong, empowered, like I am a warrior. It’s hard to explain that feeling to people who don’t understand what my body and mind are going through but I know there will be spoonies out there who fully get it. But my nerdisms are like an armour for me anyway, and to be able to wear armour that actually looks like armour too and fits me perfectly makes my little nerd heart happy. If only younger Chrissie could see these.
Oh, and the Power Rangers and the Galaxy Toasties are compression and nothing has helped as much with my spasticity pain than these leggings, especially the Toasties, but I do wish they did more designs in compression material.

Their customer service is AMAZING! When Jim bought me the Sylvanas leggings he bought the wrong size, he explained the situation to them and they got back to him really quickly and arranged a return and exchange situation, no fuss! When I bought my D.Va Mech leggings (the recent experience that reminded me how awesome they are) the stitching wasn’t quite right and on my second time wearing them the stitching fully came undone at my crotch! Yes! Undone, not popped stitches and yes, my crotch was out. Cue very embarrassing situation of finding out from someone that wasn’t me! Anyway, I explained the situation to them and they sent me a new pair! A whole new pair! I wasn’t expecting it and it definitely left me a very happy customer. Especially since my ability to sew is severely compromised and it was pretty shit to begin with anyway.

The ONE problem I have encountered with Wild Bangarang leggings is when I buy them from a different source, not that there have been many instances of this, there seems to be something wrong. The Bionic leggings were bought for me by a friend from Geek Core and they started falling apart pretty quickly, all the stitching came out of one leg and the waist band. Then my Bastion leggings were bought from the Blizzard EU store and they just about fit me, with a tight squeeze and a waist band that rolls down, they are definitely mislabelled and are definitely a size smaller than they say. I know this for sure because every other pair I have are in the exact same size, but being that Blizzard missed a hoodie from that order and were less than helpful about that, I would rather just keep them and move on. Point is, always buy from the source.

Yes, the price might be a bit of a stretch for you but you are definitely getting what you pay for, they are fantastic quality and will last for ages! My Sylvanas leggings are still going strong after over a year and a half of wear and washes! If you are a gamer, I would highly recommend these! If you know a gamer, then these would be the perfect gift.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Wild Bangarang has now ceased trading.


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