Barry M- 4 New Molten Metals for 2019

I had hoped I would get these up last night but that double appointment day has had more of an effect on me than I had predicted. But anyway, today I am going to show you 4 new, stunning Molten Metal releases from Barry M, which they very kindly sent over to me.

This is a pretty photo heavy post but I had to try and capture how gorgeous they are! Lets get into the swatches then! All swatches are without topcoat.
Ice Queen

Ice Queen is a beautiful, silvery white base with small, silver glitters scattered throughout.

It’s a little bit sheer so I did use 3 thin coats for this opaqueness. It dries fast to a glossy, smooth finish.

The 2 photos above were taken in natural light and it does look kind of matte in this light.

But under my daylight lamp, you can see the gloss and it’s silvery side shining through.

You can also see the silver glitters more under artificial lighting.

This is one of my favourites. I love a good white mani and this one is perfect for Winter and the colder months.

Peachy Feels

Peachy Feels was pretty tough to capture just how gorgeous it is, my photos kept coming out super off colour. It’s a pretty, peach base with a strong, golden shift.

It was perfect in 2 coats, which dried quickly and to a glossy finish.

The above 2 photos were taken in natural light, where the peach is strongest.

And under the daylight lamp the golden shift comes through super strong and gives the polish a whole new dimension.

This polish will be getting used a lot in the Spring/Summer months for me. It’s just gorgeous. This  is probably my most favourite of all the Molten Metal releases ever, and it is pretty unique in my collection too.

Golden Hour

Golden Hour is a stunning, bronze polish with a golden shift, similar to Peachy feels.

It was perfect in 2 coats and it dries quickly to a glossy finish.

The above 2 photos were taken in natural light and you can only see a hint of the golden shimmer.

Under the daylight lamp, that strong golden shift makes it’s way through and you can see how shifty it really is.

I don’t own many bronze shades in my collection so this is a welcome polish.

Fuchsia Kiss

Fuchsia Kiss is a lush and bright fuchsia that has some silver glitters to give it a more metallic finish than the others in this release.

You could definitely get away with one coat of this vibrant polish although I do recommend 2 thin coats just to be sure. It dries fast and to a glossy finish.

This one is a little bit stainy because of that vibrant pink, so I do recommend using at least 2 coats of a really good base, just to be on the safe side.

The above photos were taken in natural light.

Under the daylight lamp Fuchsia Kiss doesn’t look much different, although the pink is more purple leaning in these photos rather than red leaning in the natural light photos.

Who doesn’t welcome a bright pink into their collection?

Although most of these polishes have a slight textured look to them if you look close enough the metallic looking Fuchsia Kiss has a real standout texture, which I love about it!

All these polishes were a little pesky to clean up because of the glitters but the curved, wide brush in Barry M’s nail paints makes it much easier to avoid messy manicures. Removal is also a little bit tougher than usual nail paints because of the glitters but nothing a teeny bit of elbow grease wont sort out and absolutely worth it.

These polishes are releasing in Superdrug stores on 31st of January but they are already available to buy from for £3.99 each. Which ones will you be getting?

Also, Barry M very kindly sent me an extra set of these new releases, so not long after this post goes up, I will be starting a giveaway over on my Twitter (@Plus10Kapow) to give this sent away to one lucky winner. It will be a RT&Follow  kind of deal and I’ll probably run it until Wednesday 30th, so don’t miss out on your chance. UK only, I’m afraid (stupid postage rules)


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