Training to be Batman

It’s been a hot minute since I did a Batman mani but I saw the combination of these 2 water decals sat on my desk and I thought it was time for another one! And it just so happens that I am, in fact, training to be Batman! Well, I’m pushing my workouts to a new level anyway and I feel pretty badass about them most of the time, so I at least like to think that I am training to be Batman!
I used the Batman decal from this set on my ring finger, then on the rest of my nails I used a base of NYC Lexington Yellow, stamped using Maniology BM-412 (10% off PLUS10KAPOW) and Moyou Black Knight, then I outlined each yellow nail with a brush and Barry M Black Forest, then I added the comic book callouts using decals from this set.
The callout decals really impressed me! They are super vibrant and look amazing on dark colours too, look at the ‘POOF!’ decal on my pinkie where it crosses over the black, or the ‘AARGH!’ green on my index where it crosses over the black. They lay flat instantly and were so easy when it came to placement and getting it exactly where I wanted it. I love these, I’m so glad I bought 2 packs now.
I topped it all off with Barry m Matte topcoat to give it more of a comic book page look and I am pretty in love with it tbh.
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Which superhero is your favourite? Or is it a villain that is your favourite? Have I done nail art for them?

Author: Chrissie

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