Wikkid Polish Custom Trio Inspired by Stargate

Wikkid Polish Stargate inspired custom Trio Plus10Kapow
You may have seen that I am currently running a giveaway over on my Instagram because I recently passed the 2k followers mark and I was/am pretty stoked about it. All of the items in the giveaway were purchased by me, except the trio of polishes from Wikkid Polish. Sarah very kindly offered to sponsor my giveaway and made this stunning trio of polishes, inspired by Stargate. Not only that, but she also made a trio for me and gifted them. So obviously I had to swatch them to show you how beautiful they really are, and to tempt you to pop over to my Instagram and enter the giveaway.
So let’s have a look at these beauties.

Einstein-Rosen Bridge

First up is Einstein-Rosen Bridge which is a stunning royal blue packed with silver flakes and a light blue shimmer.

Einstein-Rosen Bridge is inspired by the Stargate wormhole, event horizon. The event horizon is all ripply and water like and I think Sarah perfectly captured the wormhole exactly.

I didn’t want to use the obvious names like Wormhole or Event Horizon, so I went full nerd and used Einstein-Rosen Bridge. the nerd stuff behind this is that Einstein and Nathan Rosen used the theory of relativity to elaborate on and propose the idea that there are, in existence, “bridges” through space and time, that connect two different points in space-time and effectively create a short cut between these 2 points. Or to people who don’t care, wormholes.
Einstein-Rosen Bridge has a beautiful formula and takes 2 coats to be perfect. It dries fast and to a beautifully, glossy finish. Photo shows 2 coats with no topcoat.
Chevron Seven Locked

Next up is Chevron Seven Locked, a stunning and bright orange with a gorgeous olden shimmer. My camera absolutely hated this colour and turned all of my photos a weird blue tinge but I have colour correct as best I can so that the polish is true colour but you may notice that my skin is a weird colour in these photos.

For this polish, I wanted one to match the Chevrons on the Milky Way Stargates and again, Sarah absolutely nailed this one. It is incredibly beautiful and I can’t stop staring.

If you aren’t a Stargate watcher, the guy who announces that the Chevrons are doing their thing, Walter, says “Chevron One encoded, Chevron Two encoded”… all the way up to the seventh and final chevron where he would say “Chevron Seven encoded”. I love the noises the Stargate makes when they are dialling out and then I love the final whoosh of the vortex as the gate connects to it’s destination gate.

Chevron Seven Locked also has an amazing formula and is perfect in 2 coats. It dries quickly and to a glossy finish. Photo shows 2 coats with no topcoat.



Sierra-Golf-One is unlike anything else I have in my collection. It is a fantastic khaki to black thermal that represents the uniforms in Stargate SG-1. It’s cold state is black and warm state is khaki.

This was mostly Sarah’s idea. I suggested a khaki one to represent SG-1 and Sarah came up with the idea of a khaki to black thermal. Admittedly, my thermal photography skills and my chronically cold hands let me down here and the photos definitely do not do this amazing polish any justice.

While I like all EVERYTHING in the Stargate universes, SG-1 is definitely my favourite and especially anything that has O’Neill or Teal’c in it. And I just heard the rumours today that something is moving along with Stargate at MGM at the moment, and I am super excited about that prospect, I absolutely loved last years Stargate: Origins, please send all the Stargate stuffs my way.

Sierra-Golf-One also has a fantastic formula, it was perfect in 3 thin coats for me, it just needed that extra coat for the khaki state to be opaque. It dried super fast and to a semi-matte finish. Photo shows 3 coats with no topcoat.

So there they are! 3 absolutely stunning, custom polishes from Wikkid Polish, which, if you are in the UK, you have the chance to win them over on my Instagram, along with a load of nerdy stamping plates.

Have you entered yet? For those of you outside the UK, Beautometry now stock Wikkid Polish polishes, so you can grab some beauties of Sarah’s making there.

Where to find Wikkid Polish: Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Beautometry 



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