Game of Thrones Ice Dragon Nails

Game of Thrones Ice Dragon nails Plus10Kapow

If you aren’t up to date with Game of Thrones, there will be some spoilers mentioned in this post, so don’t read if you don’t want to know.

I wish I had done these earlier in the season but I still love how these look now and the Ice Dragon is/was pretty awesome. As soon as Prism Polish put up this Clear Jelly Stamper Winter is Coming stamping plate, I bought it. It’s an awesome plate and with only 2 episode left of the series, I really wanted to get some more GoT nail art done. I have at least 1 other mani planned, which I will probably wear next week. Did you know Prism Polish stock quite a few awesome stamping plates now? Well, now you do!

Game of Thrones Ice Dragon Nerdy Nails Clear jelly Stamper stamping plate

On to the subject of the Ice Dragon and the Night King, I am so glad that Arya got to have that badass moment and be the one to kill the Night King. Honestly, I have always been about fire and blood but my loyalty has shifted a little over to Arya, and I know she wouldn’t take the Iron Throne if given the chance but I hope she at least makes it to the end. Tormund on the Iron Throne would be amazing though. I LOVE Tormund and Kristopher Hivju is awesome. I hope to see him in more things after the series has ended. Gingers are Beautiful.

Game of Thrones Ice Dragon Nerdy Nails Clear jelly Stamper stamping plate

Polishes used: Barry M Black Forest
Wikkid Polish Electric Blue
Moyou White Knight
Beauty Big Bang Blue Holographic
Seche Vite

Did you know that Wikkid Polish stamped this well? No, me neither! It looks stunning in real life, an absolutely beautiful shift, and the holo blue looks much more icey blue in real life.

Who do you want to sit on the Iron Throne? How gutted are you that it is coming to an end?



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