Beach Please!

Maniology Mani X Me Mermaid nails

So these mermaid plates are from the May Mani X Me Express Kit from Maniology, but because I have been so slack I am only just getting round to using them. And while I pay for my Maniology subscription myself, some of the Barry M nail polishes in this mani were gifted to me.

Maniology Mani X Me Mermaid MXM007 MXM008 Stamping Plate nails Barry M Fortune Teller

There may be a lot going on in this mani, but I love it, and I am still really in love with the Fortune Teller flakie topcoat from Barry M, it’s so pretty and I am especially in love with it over light colours.

Maniology MXM007 from the May 2019 Mani X Me Express Kit

This is the MXM007 stamping plate, and it is one of those plates where the whole plate makes up one scene/picture but you can pick and choose little elements of the picture to build your mani. I used the Mermaid’s tail from the bottom of the plate.

Maniology MXM008 stamping plate from the May 2019 Mani X Me Expess Kit

And this is MXM008, which has 3 full nail images and then it has 29 smaller images, some of which are layered stamps, although you could use the individual layers on their own too. I used the bubbles image from the top right, the clam shell images and the Beach Please stamp.

Polishes used: Barry M Cotton
Barry M Fortune Teller
Barry M Pink Grapefruit
Barry M Banana Split
Barry M Damson
Barry M Denim
Zoya Elphie
Moyou Black Knight
Moyou White Knight
Seche Vite

Angled clean up brush from the May 2019 Mermaid Mani X Me box from Maniology

We also received this cute angle clean up brush. The handle is filled with glitters that move around as you move it. I haven’t actually tried this brush yet, I try to wait until my current clean up brush is completely battered before I start using a new one, so I’ll likely be using it quite soon. But it seems very comfortable to hold and the bristles seem really good.

Have you checked out the June Mani X Me box and express kit? This month’s theme is Memphis Mod, the plates look awesome and the extra is a super cute stamping plate organiser adorned with pineapples. Available until June 22nd and don’t forget that you can use my code KAPOW10 to get $5 off your first month. But don’t worry if you’re already a subscriber, you can use my code (as long as you haven’t used it before) to get $5 off your next month by going to your Maniology account, the Subscriptions, then click Apply Discount Code, enter the code and blam, you’ve done it.

Oh, and don’t forget, you can also use the code KAPOW10 for regular orders from Maniology to get 10% off your order.


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