Dance Legend Spot it! White- Fluid Nails

Dance Legend Spot it! White Fluid nail art

I very nearly didn’t post these because the neon clearly freaked my camera out and made my skin a weird colour that I just cannot correct, I got so frustrated but they came out so pretty I had to post them. Ignore the weird skin colour and just concentrate on the pretty nails.

I bought Dance Legend Spot it! White and Spot it! Black months ago from Hypnotic Polish, and I have been having trouble perfecting the technique for it, but I asked @iamdeliasnails for tips because her fluid nails are always amazing and that’s when I managed this mani.

Dance Legend Spot it White Fluid Nails

To get it so it sort of did something and created cells I poured out some of my regular polishes on to my nail art mat, then I sort of squiggle poured the Spot It! and then pressed the corner of the mat onto the polish puddle. Pressing the mat onto it seemed to sort of activate the polish and cells started to form.

Dance Legend Spot it White Fluid Nails

Polishes used: Wikkid Polish Bikini Bombshell
Wikkid Polish Hello Sailor!
Sinful Colors Rebel Rebel
Dance Legend Spot It! White
Seche Vite

Dance Legend Spot it White Fluid Nails

I don’t know if it’s kind of cheating using two different transforming polishes but I added in Sinful Colors Rebel Rebel anyway to see what sort of result I got and I absolutely love this mani. It might not be perfect but it’s pretty.

Have you tried fluid nails yet? What colours would you like to see with the Spot it! Black?


*all items purchased myself

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