Espionage Cosmetics Tentacles

So as we are approaching Halloween I decided to get out all my spooky Espionage Cosmetics nail wraps and set out the ones I want to wear for the next few weekends, and these are the ones I picked out for this weekend. Yes, I know that technically these aren’t spooky, but hear me out: Cthulhu.

Espionage Cosmetics Tentacles nerdy nail wraps

Yes, I know these are purple tentacles, not green. I don’t know about you but every time I see tentacles, I immediately think of Cthulhu, so I am going to just keep pretending.

Espionage Cosmetics Tentacles nerdy nail wraps

Man, I hope they make some Cthulhu wraps in this style in the future, that would be so cute, or honestly, I would be happy with any Cthulhu nail wraps. But anyway, these Tentacles wraps are glossy, glitter wraps with tentacles going over them. The glitter is super sparkly and the colour of the glitter is really, really pretty.

Espionage Cosmetics Tentacles nerdy nail wraps

And look at these little tentacle details, so cute. but also scary?! If I say it enough will you start to believe it? Ok, no, I didn’t think so but I am still going to imagine these in a Lovecraftian story.

Don’t forget, if you place an order for $25 or more, you can use code PLUS10KAPOW to get 15% off your order, that is sooooo many bargains and they have some awesome and spooky wraps available, go stock up ready and find your perfect Halloween mani.


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