Espionage Cosmetics Pressed Glitters

Espionage Cosmetics Pressed Glitters



I received the best ever, early Christmas present from Espionage Cosmetics, they sent me a pack with all of their pressed glitters in, and they are absolutely beautiful. These pressed glitters come in the little silvers makeup trays that fit in the Cartridge Compacts and you know I absolutely adore those, I have purchased and I fully intend to grab more in the future so I can complete my collection.


I haven’t tried any of the Espionage Cosmetics makeup products before, aside from the lip blush that I received with my first Cartridge Compact order, despite reeeeeaaaaalllly wanting too, so I was excited to see what these would be like. I was not disappointed at all!


Espionage Cosmetics Pressed Glitter Swatches

I could not for the life of me get a photo showing you just how beautiful all of these glitters are but hopefully you kind of get the idea here and I can brush up on my makeup photography skills in the future.


What are pressed glitters? Pressed glitters feel and wear like a gel but function like a loose glitter. The best thing about these, aside from being absolutely stunning, is that you don’t need an extra adhesive for them. Wear a little bit, wear a lot or use along your eyeliner for an extra bit of sparkle.


Espionage Cosmetics Glitters Macro

Zark, T-800, Boom, Widow’s Kiss and Oxidize are available right now, and there are some bundles available that include a pressed glitter along with some other nerdy goodness, and if you are after Invincibility, that is available in the Sweet Dreams bundle. Look at that sparkly goodness!!!


Speaking of Invincibility, aside from Zark which is super duper Christmassy and definitely getting used this season, I was really drawn towards the bright neon yellow and wanted to do an eye “look” using it. Keep in mind that I have never really used glitters before, I lost the memory on how to apply all makeup and am only just getting there in applications, and also I have never photographed make up like this before so I have no idea if i have done it right, please go easy on me.


Espionage Cosmetics Pressed Glitters eye makeup



I used the Revolution Now That’s What I call Makeup 00’s palette for the yellows, then I used Too Faced Better Than Sex Eyeliner and Eyelure Exaggerate Lashes 141 that I was gifted from WeLoveLashes. I may have applied these wrong, I am 100% a noob at false eyelashes but I absolutely adore these pre-glue Eyelure ones. My base here is the Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer.

For this look, I chose to use Invincibility at the inner corner of my eye. I wish I could have caught how sparkly it is, it’s stunning. It applies really easily, if you have a steady hand, and stays stuck where you want it, You can apply it with a finger or a brush, it’s your preference.


If you love glitter on your lids, or you’re looking to put pretty stuff in your Cartridge Compacts, then I highly recommend these. You can find them all individually here: Zark, T-800, Boom, Widow’s Kiss and Oxidize or grab any of these bundles, Kongzilla Bundle, Hero of Courage Bundle, Ready? Fight! Bundle or the Sweet Dreams Bundle. And don’t forget that if you spend over $25 you can use code PLUS10KAPOW for 15% off your order. Ooooh, did I mention that these along with Cartridge Compacts or nail wraps would make excellent Christmas Presents 😀


Go forth and be brave, with colour!


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