The Witcher Nails

The Witcher Nails Netflix


Like most of the world right now, I have become obsessed with The Witcher, thanks to Netflix. I have never played a Witcher game but I have watched other people play them, and I have never read the books, but I still wasn’t sure if Henry Cavill would work as Geralt. How wrong was I?! I absolutely loved the show and Cavill really works as Geralt, I cannot wait for a season 2 now.


The Witcher Netflix nails


You’ll notice that this mani is a mixture of the Netflix show and the games, that’s because, like a lot of other people out there, after watching the show, I decide to finally play The Witcher 3. I am slow at games now, and I have done Just The Story difficulty but I am loving it, it’s a great game. And the only reason I can play it is because last month we snapped up the £1 Xbox Game Pass deal on all of our Xbox accounts, just so we could get the 6 month’s Spotify. But because The Witcher 3 is on Xbox Game Pass at the moment, it means that I am not wasting it!


The Witcher Netflix nail art


My wolf is freehand and the triangles were stamped using the Maniology Game Over: High Score M049 stamping plate (10% off- KAPOW10) , then I adjusted for the cutouts and extra lines of the spell shapes.

Polishes used: Barry M Black Forest

Wikkid Polish Enchantment

Barry M Rain On Me

Seche Vite


The Witcher Netflix nails


Are you Witcher obsessed too like the rest of us mere mortals? Maybe you should ♪♪”Toss a coin to your Witcher”♪♪

Oh and if you are Witcher obsessed and that song has been swirling around in your head for days, you can also grab a t-shirt from Jordandene that has “Toss a coin to your Witcher” across the front. Love it! Want it! Need it!


Hope the week/month/year so far is treating you well.

Stay awesome!


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