Prism Polish Toss a Coin collection

Prism Polish Toss a Coin collection





You know full well, if someone offers me anything to do with The Witcher I am going to say yes. So when the lovely Suzie of Prism Polish asked me if I would like to swatch her new Witcher inspired polish collection I obviously said yes. And I am so glad I did, because this collection is absolutely stunning and although I shared the polish on social media over the last week, the collection launched yesterday, so anyone finding out about these for the first time today, may have already missed out on their favourites. At the point of writing this, the full bundle has sold out and so has Exploding Chaos, the 5 other, single polishes are still available, some in full size and some in dinky size.


But let’s have a look at all of the polishes up close and personal.


Four Marks Worth
Prism Polish Four Marks Worth Plus10Kapow

Four Marks Worth is a super glowy lilac with pink/gold/green shifts.



Lilac and GooseberriesPrism Polish Lilac and Gooseberries Plus10Kapow

Lilac and Goosberries is a mint to gooseberry to lilac to grey ethereal multichrome.



Nobody Smart Plays FairPrism Polish Nobody Smart Plays Fair Plus10Kapow


Nobody Smart Plays Fair is a beautiful nude taupe linear holo.



Vortex of FatePrism Polish Vortex of Fate Plus10Kapow


Vortex of Fate is a smokey cobalt filled with red/green/gold shifting shimmer and iridescent flakies.



Evil is EvilPrism Polish Evil is Evil Plus10Kapow


Evil is Evil is a black to white multichrome thermal filled with pink/green/gold shifts with iridescent flakies.



Exploding ChaosPrism Polish Exploding Chaos Plus10Kapow


Exploding chaos is a blackened holo base filled with purple/green/blue multichrome magnetic pigment.



All of these polishes have a beautiful formula and for the most part, are perfect in 2 coats. The thermal in Evil is Evil is very reactive and the magnetic in Exploding Chaos is very strong and has barely any spread after the fact. They all dry fast and to a high gloss finish. As I said, this is an absolutely stunning collection and I would be surprised if you didn’t see a single polish here that you would love to own.


The Toss a Coin collection is available here. Which ones will you be grabbing?








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