Espionage Cosmetics Patron Spirit of Halloween nail wraps

Chrissie is wearing a striped shirt and holding a pumpkin teapot and mug


I’m trying to get through a couple more nail wrap sets before Halloween and annoyingly I am having a procedure in hospital on Halloween so I won’t be doing any nails specifically for that day, but I would 100% class this as me being productive, especially compared to the last few months/years.



Today’s set is the Patron Spirit of Halloween wraps, and these are giving vibes of the Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington. Do you consider Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween or Christmas movie? Or like me, do you consider it both? These wraps are normally glossy but I added a matte top coat because I was feeling it. The set features black and white, vertical striped wraps with accent wraps of metallic orange pumpkins on a black background.



As usual, these applied so easily and smoothly. The only time I had an issue is when I wanted to get the pumpkin accent wraps on certain nails, so they didn’t specifically line up as the correct size wrap and so I had to trim some of the edges off. I am not good with scissors. But hopefully you cannot tell where I made the cuts.



Espionage Cosmetics currently has a Halloween sale going on, and you can grab the Patron Spirit of Halloween wraps, among others, for only $3 a set, such a bargain.

Have you settled on what spooky nails you are going to be doing?


The teapot in the main photo is from instore at George at Asda, I grabbed it in store and they don’t seem to have it online so it’s just a case of checking your local stores. The mug was from Poundland last year, not sure if they are selling any this year. Asda are selling basically the same mug, however they are asking £3.50 which seems pretty steep.


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