Holla @ the Holo with Born Pretty Holo Studs

There are now studs for every occasion available on Born Pretty Store which is awesome, because it means you can pretty much incorporate studs into any nail art you do.
These Holographic Studs grabbed my attention straight away. I love, love, love Holo, it’s so sparkly and I can’t help myself when it comes to adding holo to my nails. I think I may have gone holoverboard with this mani though.
The studs are slightly on the larger side compared to most other studs available on Born Pretty, so my plan of a sort of half shield effect didn’t really go to erm…… plan, I probably should have checked the size before I went ahead with it
The studs I went for were the 3mm with Holographic lines going across them. In normal lighting, the studs look like plain silver studs, with a sort of etched lines look. It’s when you get into certain lighting that they start to come alive.
You can never really go wrong with the studs from Born Pretty, these are great quality and not one of the studs in the packet had any imperfections. They lay basically flat on my nail and with a coat of Seche Vite on top, not one of them has fallen off.
This is them under white light, I did have a bit of a chore trying to photograph the Holo, not just in the studs but in the polish as well, not sure if it was me, the camera or the lighting but the holo is definitely there peeking out a little.
Today decided to be a nice day here and the sun has been out all day, so at the last minute, I decided to snap a few pics in direct sunlight on my IPhone. The quality isn’t perfect but look at that holo, drool.
If I had to have any buggie bits with these at all, it would be the packaging, as you can see up top, they are in a flimsy plastic bag which is stapled to a piece of card, once the staple has been removed, the bag comes away but you can’t close it because the sticky bit at the top of the bag had been stuck to the card. I know it’s probably a cost thing but I would much prefer them to come in one of those little screw lid jars that other studs come in.
For the rest of the mani: 
Thumb, Index and Pinkie I used GOSH Holographic Hero.
Middle and Ring I used Barry M Black.
And for the flowers on the middle finger I used GOSH Holographic Hero, Born Pretty Holo #11, Born Pretty Holo #8 and Born Pretty Holo #3.
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*The studs in this post were sent to me for review, everything else mentioned was purchased by myself. All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions. 

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