Loot Pets: Anti-Hero

A few of the Loot Crate subs seem to have gotten small tweaks to their looks, Loot Wear had the biggest change but Loot Pets also seem to have had a small change, namely their item card. Before it was what looked like recycled cardboard that had the info stamped onto it and had numbers as if they were collectable items, now it is a thick, waxxy feeling card that looks much closer to the Loot Crate standard. 
This month’s theme was Anti-Hero and earlier in the month we had already been told what franchises would be in there, I  was very excited Kylo was very excited to see what the Dogpool item would be. We’re going to jump into the items now but I’m going to start with what I thought was the best!

EXCLUSIVE World of Warcraft Sylvanas Charm (Officially Licensed by Blizzard Entertainment)
‘Sylvanas is one of our favourite anti-heroes in gaming! She’s unmatched in the battlefield, but this cool charm totally matches August’s Loot Crate pin!’
Yaaaaaaassssss! This does match the pin perfectly and that pin is amazing and this collar charm is amazing, and if you didn’t see, I even did nails to match. For the foreseeable future, this will be Kylo’s go to collar charm, I’m even tempted to get her a Horde collar now so that it has a permanent matchy matchy home.

Doesn’t she look awesome, look at that evil glint in her eye, she knows what’s up!!!

EXCLUSIVE Dogpool “Head of the Pack” T-Shirt (Licensed by Marvel, Made by Fifth Sun)
‘Over on Earth-103173 Deadpool’s a dog. A Dogpool. Who occasionally hangs out with a disembodied, zombie Headpool. Bring your pup to the head of the pack with this stylish tee- the first dog shirt to ever feature these members of the Deadpool corps! Oh, and there’s one for you, too.’
This was the design for both he human and dog tee this month and I have to admit, it’s pretty freakin awesome, only downside to it is still that it is a unisex human tee. It’s a fair bit too warm still for Kylo to proper wear her t-shirt collection but come Winter, she is going to be the most stylish (and warm) dog round here!

Doesn’t she look gorgeous in this one? I think it might just be her favourite.

EXCLUSIVE Mallet Smackers Treats (Loving Pets)
‘These drool-worthy dog treats pack a  mighty wallop of all-natural chicken and cranberry taste into every bite. Use them to reward your furry friend’s good behaviour! Puppy dog eyes.’
Based on how Kylo eats these, I would guess that these are her least favourite of the treats so far. She just isn’t that into them. I think it might have something to do with their size and texture because she loves fruit so it can’t be the cranberry.

Harley Quinn Squeaking Plush Mallet Pull Toy (Licensed by DC and made by The Coop)
‘Harley Quinn’s making her live-action debut in Suicide Squad, so we put her iconic mallet in the crate for your little monster to chew, tug on and POW it’s enemies in the face with!’
Another good toy this month, Kylo obviously loved it, 2 downsides though, the squeaker didn’t even last an hour and the handle/rope came completely undone, I plaited it but not sure how long that will last. I wouldn’t want to risk playing tug with it either though, it feels like, with Kylo at least, that it would rip almost immediately.

Here is a bonus photo of Kylo with the toy, tee and collar charm. I like the Loot Pets and I love how excited Kylo gets for them, it is adorable and so worth the money but I did start wondering recently why they changed the formula of Loot Pets. Part of the reason I signed up was because of the December and January crates, in each of those, there were 5 items, the tee, collar charm, treats and 2 other items and one of those items was what I would class as a premium item, one was the space invaders lead and one was the Firefly bowl. Now we get a tee, a collar charm, a toy and treats so it always feels like there is an item missing. I sound like I’m bitching but I do love Loot Pets, I just wonder if anyone else who buys it feels the same. Kylo loves it so that’s the important things.

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