Serum No 5 Highlight

This is Highlight from Serum No 5 and is the second of the polishes that I bought from Rainbow Connection UK. I had originally bought Kiwi Glow Now? which I reeeeeaaaalllly wanted but there was a stock issue and so I chose this one instead. I’m still so sad about them discontinuing the Serum No 5 polishes, hopefully they bring them back with new polishes.
Highlight is a lovely, sparkly, soft nude which applied smoothly and looked like this in two coats but I would recommend another coat if you’re not a fan of visible nail line.

It dried quickly and to a semi-matte and gritty finish. I added one coat of Seche Vite for these photos. Clean up and removal were easy.

The sparkle it has is kind of a golden shimmer and gives it almost a golden sand look to it in direct sunlight.

The glow on this one is a gorgeous bright aqua and is probably my favourite of the glows so far. Like the others, the glow is pretty strong and after one charge up, it lasted a good few days and nights.
How do you feel about glow in the dark polishes? If you aren’t into them all year round, they could be very good for Halloween, one charge before you leave the house and they could will last the whole night.

Author: Chrissie

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