Geek Fuel August 2016

This month’s Geek Fuel was pretty good and it looks like they might be trying something new. For the first time in this month’s box, there was an exclusive collectible pin and it looks like this might be something they are going to do every month, which is kind of cool and based on the card, it looks like the pin is enamel. I say based on the card because our pin was missing but I have contacted Geek Fuel to let them know and they are getting one sent out asap. The picture of the pin badge on the card is of the Geek Fuel logo, yes, that adorable little robot in badge form, so it now looks like I’ll have to buy Ki a little cork board so he can start his pin collection too. I’d love it if they brought out loose theme’s each month.
So let’s dive in and have a look at the items that were in the box.

Downloadable STEAM Game: Dungeon Rift
‘Kill everybody on the level, grab the loot and move to the portal. But what’s that? Monsters are following you! And they’re becoming stronger and smarter! And the dungeon itself transforms into a darker, creepier and more dangerous place! How long will Sir Bucket survive?’
Another fun game to add to Kian’s ever growing game collection. I still think that this is such a great thing to include in a monthly sub.
EXCLUSIVE Dungeon Rift Monster Magnet Set
‘At least they’ll stop chasing you! Keep your monsters wherever you want with these cool magnets from Dungeon Rift!’
Such a cute scary magnet set and because Ki already has a massive magnet board in his room, he already has a home for these and he thinks they are great.

EXCLUSIVE Suicide Squad Rebirth Issue #1
‘The gangs all here! Check out this incredible 1st edition Suicide Squad Rebirth Comic! Get the low-down on DC’s most dangerous gang to date as they get a fresh start and blow up as much as possible in the process. You may even be one of the lucky few to get the rare cover!’
Ok, so this one is a little old for him but it is a 1st edition and comes with a COA so will be a good thing to keep for him for later. We weren’t one of the lucky ones to get the rare cover variant, which was a black and white version.

Kidrobot Looney Tunes Mini Series Figure
‘When you’ve got your favourite characters made by none other than Kidrobot, there’s nothing left to say besides “That’s all folks!”.’
As parents, we did the responsible thing, a long time ago, and introduced Kian to all the good cartoons first, Looney Tunes being one of them, so he knows who they all are and was happy to see this blind box.
He got Porky Pig which comes with a little baton and has a little painted on tail.
I wanted to show you what other figures there are so here is this terrible photo. How freakin’ cute are Yosemite Sam, Foghorn Leghorn, Wile E. Coyote, Taz and Sylvester? 

EXCLUSIVE Geek Fuel GO Travel Pouch
‘Designed for Geek Fuelers who GO and need to travel far and wide to become the very best. This pouch is the most helpful companion a trainer can have.’

This was Ki’s favourite item from this month. No, he isn’t old enough to have a device of his own for Pokemon GO but when he is out with Jim, he does his Pokemon GO for him plus he loves Pokemon at the moment. We are all Team Mystic in this house so that is the card that is taking pride of place in his front pocket.

It comes with a thick, glossy card for each team and one for team Geek Fuel. It has the glossy card pocket on the front, a couple of pockets inside, probably meant for your phone and a charger pack and then on the back it has pockets for a little notepad and some pens/pencils. It has a cord ‘handle’ and a metal ring for attaching it to bags or coats of whatever you fancy really.

EXCLUSIVE Transformers Protect T-Shirt
‘The time for disguises is over! Join the fight in this Transformers shirt! You’ll rollout looking amazing in this Transformers propaganda t-shirt. Every sentient being deserves the opportunity to own this shirt! In the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, let everyone know where you stand this August.’
Great tee! Even Jim got jealous of this one. It fits well, although it did look a little bigger than usual. 
So yeah, bar the fact that the pin badge was missing, this was a fab box and Ki was happy with every item. If you fancy signing up to after seeing this month’s then sign up here for $3 off any new sub.

Here he is! This was the pin that was missing from this month’s Geek Fuel and after contacting them, they sent one out and it arrived with us just over a week later, which I’m really chuffed with, It was fantastic customer service, and very speedy. The pin is a pretty sturdy enamel pin badge with a rubber pin back. On the back it is plain black with ‘Geek Fuel 2016’ sort of raised. Very happy.

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