Serum No 5 Snow In Love

Eeeep, another Serum No 5 glow in the dark polish and it’s a freakin crelly!!! This is the first of the two Serum no 5’s that i got from a destash, it’s Snow Much Love and it’s a white crelly with different shapes and sizes of metallic blue glitters.
It applies like a dream, dries quickly and considering those glitters, it dries to a pretty smooth and shiny finish, I did add a coat of Seche just to smooth it out entirely.

Clean up was easy but as you can imagine with the glitters, it was a little bit tough to remove.

I did try this matte but forgot to do photos, it looks lush matte and the matte topcoat does not affect the glow at all. And here is the glow…

It’s so pretty. It glows a bright blue and looks gets a cool speckled look. Like the others I have tried, it is a strong glow and lasts days after one charge.
I’m starting to get a tad obsessed now. Still lusting after that Kiwi Glow Now though. How do you like the glow in the dark polishes and is this crelly one that you would wear?
Look out for the second one from the destash later in the week, it’s an absolute beaut!

Author: Chrissie

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