Loot Gaming: MECHA

The August theme for Loot Gaming was MECHA, a joyful celebration of the union between mankind and machine. There were some awesome goodies this month so let’s jump straight in.

EXCLUSIVE Bioshock Big Daddy Patch (A Crowded Coop)
‘Mr. B is here to protect you from the terrors of a patchless life! This oversized patch is the perfect way to show off your love for big mechs!’
This is a really good quality patch and the eyes were made with glow in the dark thread which glows really well and it’s an iron on so that makes it even better because I am genuinely shit at sewing, even with the help of a sewing machine. 

EXCLUSIVE Lawbreakers Snapback (Loot Gaming Labs)
‘It’s criminal how good you’ll look in this exclusive Lawbreakers cap! Defy gravity in style.’
Now, this hat is pretty awesome and all, and I have already pinched it and worn it, yes, even though I look weird af in baseball caps, but even though it is cool, I’m a little bit bummed that we received another baseball cap again so soon (Team Fortress 2 cap in the June LG).

EXCLUSIVE Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Adam Jensen Figure (Square Enix)
‘The cutest cybernetically enhanced bodyguard in the world! This exclusive Adam Jensen figure might help keep the Illuminati away.’
Never played it, never! Jim has, of course, and he likes the figure so there ya go. It feels like a fairly good quality vinyl figure and has a gold coloured base so you know it’s special hahaha.

EXCLUSIVE Destiny Tee (Loot Gaming Labs)
‘As a Guardian, it is your duty to look as stylish as possible while saving the solar system from the Darkness. Rep your favourite class with this epic shirt!’
This is a good shirt, in many ways, the print is good both in content and quality and the t-shirt quality itself is great. It’s also the perfect fit and looks awesome on Jim. Rawr, I do love a bit of game nerdery.

EXCLUSIVE Borderlands Claptrap Bottle Opener (Loot Gaming Labs)
‘Put some wub in your dub with this exclusive Claptrap bottle opener. unfortunately, it does not open doors.’
This is my favourite thing from this month. It’s a proper sturdy thing and looks fantastic. It came in this adorable little box and guess what…

… it’s a fridge magnet too and of course looks awesome with our other Loot Crate fridge magnets (more out of shot) Did you see on Loot Gaming’s Instagram that someone has painted theirs with Claptrap’s real, actual look. It’s awesome!

EXCLUSIVE MECHA Coin Pin (K&S Specialty Products)
‘Part human, part machine, all awesome. This MECHA coin pin symbolizes the moments when our sum was greater than our parts.’
Another awesome coin pin this month. Ok, it’s not as good as the Sylvanas pin but I don’t think anything ever will be, that’s it now, they’ve peaked! Loot Gaming posted my Sylvanas pin inspired nails on both their Instagram and their Twitter so that’s pretty awesome. 
Don’t forget, if you want to sign up then pop over here http://looted.by/dQYKx to get $5 dollars off your first month! What did you think of the MECHA crate?

Author: Chrissie

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