Serum No 5 Awesome Blossom

This is the last of the Serum No 5 polishes that I have bought (so far) and I’ll be honest, I’ve saved the best for last. This is Awesome Blossom, a gorgeous Barbie pink with a very very subtle shimmer in bright lights.

It applied beautifully, dried speedily and to a semi matte, ever-so-slightly gritty finish.

I added one coat of Seche to smooth it all out and give this beautiful glossy finish.

Clean up was easy and I’m pretty sure that this polish is white based because after wearing it for a couple of days, I noticed a teeny tiny bit of wear around the cuticles where the pink was no longer pink but white instead. It looked almost like when you have given a polish white undies and the Seche pulls it away from your cuticles a little, exposing it pants. So that’s probably what gives it this beautiful bright colour and prevents staining.
I added this little stamp to it because I don’t have a Barbie silhouette stamp and this was the closest i could find in my plate collection, but I think it works anyway.

The glow on this one is phenomenal as well. In real life, it glows a mix of pink and purple all kind of swirled together and it gives it a gorgeous fairytale look to it. I love this polish so much.
Like the others, the glow is strong and bright, lasting for days.
I will keep looking for these polishes because I’ve pretty much caught the bug now! Which was your favourite?

Author: Chrissie

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