Momoa Aquaman Nails

About 3 weeks ago, I reposted my Aquaman nails to Instagram because it was a year ago that I had done them and the awesome Christa said that she would like to see me re-do them but Jason Momoa Aquaman style, so I took it as a challenge. The Momoa Aquaman is very different and has a much grungier look with scales that look more like dragon scales than mermaid scales, a Daenerys hint maybe? Probably not, but I’m just going to pretend it is.

I have just realised that there is a little bit that I completely forgot to do, so that’s going to bug me but I really like how this turned out. Not sure if anyone would immediately recognise it as Aquaman but hey ho. I based this mani on the promo shots that have been released so far, I couldn’t find one that showed the entire outfit but it showed down to the crotch, oi oi, haha! Minds out the gutter, peoples!!!
I used W7 Night Suede for the index, ring and pinkie bases then stamped over the index and ring using Messy Mansion MM21 and Moyou White Knight, then I sponged on a little W7 Night Suede here and there and stamped a purposely patchy stamp of the same but using Moyou Black Knight.

The pinkie I stamped some polka dots from a Moyou pro plate and sponged over it with W7 Night Suede. Middle finger base is Danglefoot Nail Polish Nice Undies and the thumb base is Barry M Teal, with a bit of W7 Night Suede sponged and stamped using Moyou Black Knight and hehe 005 purposely patchy for the mermaid scales.

The rest is freehand using Moyou Black Knight, A-England Holy Grail and KBShimmer Run it’s the Coppers!
So what do you think? 
Are you looking forward to seeing Momoa’s Aquaman in action?

Author: Chrissie

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