I Am She-Ra Nail Art

FOR THE HONOUR OF GRAYSKULL!!! I’m starting the week of with this awesomeness because I feel like absolute dirt! In the last 2 weeks there has been an increase in the intensity of my symptoms (no new ones yet, phew) and I feel like I could be heading for a relapse, but I’m prepared for it if it does happen, and there is no way that I am going to let it get to me as much as it did last time, so worry not but just in case I disappear for a while, you’ll know why.
Back to this awesome mani now!
I’ve had this Sugar Bubbles SB 017 stamping plate for freakin’ ages now, I got it from Rainbow Connection UK and I’ve been waiting until it called out to me and it did just that last week. I got started on this last week and posted a sneak peek of the She-Ra stamp through the stamper on my Snapchat (Plus10Kapow).

My base is Barry M Cotton and a weird half smoosh with Serum No 5 Awesome Blossom and Barry M Cotton. The middle finger and ring finger are both from the Sugar Bubbles stamping plate and are filled in using Barry M Cotton, Barry M On Your Marks, Konad Yellow Stamping polish and the gem is Danglefoot Nail Polish Moonriver.

I had to include Swift Wind in the mani because obviously!!! For him, I used the small winged (do you say winged or wing-ed? I’m a wing-ed girl personally) horse from Bundle Monster BM-615 and added a bit of colour to it. For the colours, I used Danglefoot Nail Polish Geek Out (Blue) Danglefoot Nail Polish I’m Beach Ready, Konad Yellow and Danglefoot Nail Polish True of Heart for his tail and mane. I also added in a little horn for him.
Did you notice that the first photo in the post is shiny and the middle two are matte, the this one is shiny again? I prefer it matte but then I could live with everything being matte tbh. The Sugar Bubbles stamping plate stamps beautifully and gives lovely, crisp designs. I have another one that I bought at the same time as this one and I’m not sure what to do with that one but look out for it in the future.
I love this mani a lot and it’s nice to have two nerdy mani’s on the blog in less than a week. Is there any nerdy mani that you are still waiting to see?
Hope you’ve had an awesome Monday!

Author: Chrissie

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