Nails Inc Alice and Olivia Cracker Set

I don’t own many Nails Inc polishes and the ones I do tend to have come off a magazine or more recently from Poundland. So it was pretty awesome when Jim grabbed me this set in one of the Boots sales a little while back.
This is the Alice and Olivia Cracker Set and it comes with five 5ml polishes and one 14ml polish, each in a cool little cardboard cracker. It normally costs £25 and Jim managed to get it for £5!!! Now that is a proper bargain, on their website, it costs £15 for a 14ml polish and Jim paid a third of that. The only 5ml polishes I can find on the website are nail treatments but they’re £8 and I suspect that would be about right. The point of this ramble is that I’m pretty happy with that price.

Uptown Sunday
Uptown Sunday is a caramel like nude with a lovely glossy shine.

Rose Dream
Rose Dream is a lovely, dainty pink with a slight mauve tone to it.

Paris Rouge
Paris Rouge is a sultry, deep red with a beautiful metallic shimmer. It’s my favourite of the bunch!

Ruby Night Sky
Ruby Night Sky is an almost black, wine red with a subtle purpley shimmer.

Black Magic
Black Magic is the perfect one coater black and it’s amazing!

Champagne Graffiti
Champagne Graffiti is a sheer champagne gold base with gold bar glitter and gold teeny tiny round glitters (could be hex, they’re tiny)

All of the polishes applied beautifully, dried quickly and to a smooth and shiny finish. I have not added topcoat in any of these photos, they are that shiny on their own. The brushes are wide and rounded making it easy to get up near the cuticle without flooding it.
My one grip with these polishes is the bottle lids. The square black part of the lid either just spins, making a horrible noise if you try to unscrew it like a normal lid or it just detaches from the brush part immediately and it’s all very fiddly for someone who’s hands are rubbish.
Overall, this is one of the best bargains I have had in a long time and the polishes are all beautiful. What is your most recent or best bargain?

Author: Chrissie

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