Born Pretty Store Stud Picker Upper

Yes, picker upper! That’s what it does, so that’s what I’m calling it!
Have you ever tried to pick up studs or glitter or anything else with one of those white pencils that supposedly do the picker upper job? I have a few and I’ve had them for years and I have never been able to actually pick anything up with them, it always looks like it’s doing it for a few seconds then you drop the stud and lose it and give up.

I didn’t get my hopes up for this wax picker upper from Born Pretty Store but I was actually pleasantly surprised. It comes blunt but was easy to sharpen to a bit of point, although I would say that the wrapper/coating/whatever that bit is called, was a little thicker than it needed to be, as you can see from the sharpened bit, it’s wrapped around a fair few times.
As you can see, I tried it with a few different things to see how it fared, I started with a tiny gem, then a glequin, then a stud and then a slightly heavier triangle stud and it worked with all of them, and not just for a few seconds, it held on there without dropping them until I waved my hand around or knocked it. 

It didn’t leave any residue or makes on anything either, which is always a bonus. It is slightly longer than your average pencil and will help you perfect your nail art for quite some time because it doesn’t look like it wears down that easily.
You can find the wax picker upper here for £1.07/$1.53 and don’t forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items.
I haven’t done a glequin mani in ages, I might try and do one soon, maybe for Christmas or Halloween!

Author: Chrissie

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