Blue September

I know this isn’t my normal type of post, but bear with me. I think it is really important to get these types of things out there and what better way to do it than posting on blogs. I don’t know about your men but mine refuses to go to the Doctors constantly and its like giving a dog a bath trying to get him to get a check up. I think awareness is key.

Blue september is a month long nationwide awareness campaign to raise awareness for Mens Health and raise money for cancer research. It is currently celebrated in New Zealand, Australia, USA and for the first time ever this year, in UK and Ireland. It covers all cancers that can affect men, from prostate cancer to lung, liver and bowel.

They raise awareness of these cancers by promoting healthy lifestyles for men and also giving knowledge about symptoms so that the cancer can be caught early, which can save lives.

Here are some of the facts:

Men in the UK are 40% more likely to die from any cancer than women.

154,000 men a are diagnosed with cancer in the UK per year.

81,000 of those unfortunately lose their battle with cancer. Thats a massive 53%. But many of these deaths can be prevented through healthy lifestyle and early detection. At least one in three cancer cases are preventable.

Every Friday in September is Blue Friday, wear something blue or paint you face blue.

Head on over to to see how you can get involved and to find out more facts.


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