Technic Carnival

Yay, I finally got it, Technic Carnival nail polish. For the last few months, this nail polish has been my Eleanor (movie reference ftw). I first saw it online a few months ago and loved the look at it, so of course I googled for swatches of this, and I fell in love with it even more.
I know I am way behind on releases of nail polishes, but it’s more a case of trying to get my bearings and get used to doing posts and remembering that I have to put stuff on here. It’s also trying new types of polishes. Although I love glitter polishes, I have never quite got around to using one with large pieces of glitter.
Anyway, back to this beauty. I then saw it in my local Original Factory Shop but because they had loads, I thought I would go back and get it another time. Well, when we went and traded in some games the other day and had £2 left over, I had to go get it. Excite mode activated when I realised they had been reduced to £1. I did only buy one, just in case I really didn’t like it.

Yeah right. Its lush. I decided to try full coverage with it, without a base colour. Again, the first thing I noticed was the smell. This is definitely the strongest smell of any previous to it. It was almost alcoholic spirits type smell and it lingered in the room for a very long time afterwards. Speaking of very long times, it also took ages to dry, I’m not sure if this was because i was doing something wrong or not.
The glitter spread quite well just by brushing it on like a normal polish, but it just wasn’t going on thick enough for the full coverage I wanted, so I tried dabbing it on. This worked but I got quite a bit of drippage. Not to fret though, once it had dried a little and was a bit tacky, I just pushed it back up onto the nail from the sides and you really couldn’t tell.
There was still a few naked bits of nails after 3 coats but by then I had major headrush from the odour so thought I would leave it at that.
And this was the outcome.
It’s so pretty and was definitely worth the inevitable headache from the smell. Another thing I was quite impressed with was that, unlike other glitters I have tried in the past, it doesn’t finish gritty or have any of the larger glitter pieces sticking up on it’s own. It was smooth and pretty darn flat.

If you enlarge the pictures so you can see the individual pieces of glitter, you will notice that there is quite a gap at the top of the nail (I apologise for the state of my nails and my cuticles. please forgive me) This monstrous gap appeared after I did the dishes this morning. I painted them last night and after doing the dishes I seemed to get some shrinkage. Weird.

I tried to get different shots with the light hitting the nails in different ways but this was quite difficult due to the lack of sun today, its more of a sepia grey outside. yum.

And regardless of the lack of sun, I managed to catch it as it peeked out from behind the clouds for a few seconds and grabbed this picture of it hitting some of the glitter and creating this little sparkle. ooooo shiiiiiny. 
I really do love this nail polish, but I think next time I will do a base coat and use this as part of a design. I will also ensure that I have plenty of ventilation in the room. 
I recommend you check out your local Original Factory Shop for nail polish bargains, they have a lot of great brands in there now like Essie and OPI for pretty low prices. They don’t have any nail polish on their website for some reason but they do have some creams and cosmetics for quite low prices so go and have a look
As a side note, I also wanted to mention the upcoming and gorgeous Models Own Mirrorball collection.
Disco Inferno, Hot Stuff, Freak Out, Dancing Queen and Boogie Nights.
I’m sure by now, everyone has already heard about these, but I’m a bit slow on the uptake and I still wanted to mention it just in case. These look gorgeous and I will definitely be getting at least Freak out, Dancing Queen and Boogie Nights. Boogie Nights is by far my favourite just looking at the pictures.
Head over to Models Own Facebook for information about release dates and availability. Plus, if you want to see the polishes in action, head over to Make Up Savvy where Fee, the lucky woman, has been able to do swatches of these lush polishes. So jealous.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.

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