NOTD: Aqua Glitterinos

So I thought I would do a NOTD post. I’m loving glitters at the moment and have decided I need all of the Barry M glitters.

I actually did these nails on Friday but forgot to take pictures so you will probably notice there are a few ragged edges, but we got a few minutes of sunlight so i wanted to see how well they would come out in pictures.

I wanted to use the Barry M Black Multi Glitter on every finger but my ring finger because the multi glitter looks so pretty. When I applied it and it was still wet, it looked lush. Unfortunately, when it dried, not only had it dried really gritty but the glitter didn’t look like glitter, it just looked like the polish had bubbled horribly  all over. I was so disappointed as this is the first time I have really tried to use this without anything over it. It looked gross, so I layered the Barry M Aqua Glitter over the top. It saved the day.

See how gorgeous the glitter looks in the bottle?

Barry M Aqua Glitter has loads of small pieces of glitter in a clear polish with a smaller amount of larger pieces. I can’t fault this polish. The glitter spread beautifully and the end result is stunning. So on my ring finger, I used a base of Rimmel 60 seconds Sky High and layered the Barry M Aqua Glitter on top.

This was the result.

I took loads of pics in the light to try and show you just how lush the glitter looks, especially over the black, but they didn’t quite do it justice.

Don’t get me wrong, it still looks really pretty.

But then I realised, it looked better in the shade.

I really do love this combination and although the pictures still haven’t really done them justice, I think you can still appreciate them.

I really hope a sale comes up soon so I can fill my basket with Barry M glitters, I think I may have a new obsession approaching.


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