September Lust List of Wonders

Hey peeps. Sorry I’ve been a bit slack with posting again. It’s been a busy few days and Hubby goes in for surgery tomorrow so may continue to be a bit dotty for a while. Sooooooooo, I thought I would do this months Lust List.

I’m a bit ashamed of my poorly put together montage of lusted after items (above), it was a bit rushed to get the post up tonight but it kinda works, doesn’t it?. Its a little bit all over the place like me. 🙂

I know I am a bit weird in this, but thank the stars summer is finally coming to an end. It’s not that I hate the summer, it’s more that I hate being hot. Autumn and Winter are definitely my time of the year, I like when it’s cold, because it’s so much easier to warm up than it is to cool down. Plus, I love all the winter fashions. Warm, cuddly knits are my fave.

So that’s why I am starting with this item first.

Spirit Hoods


Firstly, please excuse the half naked woman.

I LOVE Spirit Hoods. The proper official ones over at Spirit Hoods are absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, as usual, I have taste slightly beyond my means. The Brown Bear one, pictured above, is deffo my favourite. All fluffy and warm, with tartan lining and just the right amount of quirky. They are perfect. 
Last year I wanted one so much that I bought a cheaper version on eBay from this seller. It is still really nice, and one of my favourite pieces from my winter wardrobe, but you just can’t beat the official ones. You will probably see an image of the one I own on here in the next couple of months.
Moustache Necklace


Another cute and quirky item. Surprised? No, I thought not. I really like the quirkiness of this and since Movember will be arriving before we know it, and not being able to grow a moustache myself, I thought this the next best thing.

This is another eBay item (i <3 eBay), and the seller yuhoshop, has some other really cute laser cut items, ranging from Harry Potter to Batman and Barbie, all at a really low price. Check them out if you like laser cuts as much as I do.
Wonder Woman Ring

I had to get Wonder Woman in here somewhere :). I like this ring a lot, it’s £7 with £1 postage, and as far as I am aware, its a more affordable version of a very similar ring, which, for the life of m e, i can’t remember where or when i have seen the more expensive one and couldn’t find it anywhere.

Again, the seller extremelargeness has some really cute and quirky items up for sale. I could honestly spend a fortune on these types of eBay stores. I’m not the only one surely?
‘Follow Me’ tights

Oh my gosh, how lush are these? I’m not really a wearer of skirts, but if I had a pair of these, I might just start.
These are from seller tattoosocks on Etsy, who I really do recommend checking out if you like these, they have some more gorgeous designs.
I haven’t yet bought anything off Etsy, I love trawling through and adding hundreds of things to my Favourites list, but because it is American, I’m a bit cautious because of customs charges. But I would be penniless if I did have the courage to buy on there. I will one day. Buy stuff i mean, not be penniless, hopefully. ((cringe))

Warehouse 13 Tesla Artisan Hero Prop


I’ve said it many times before, ThinkGeek really know how to steal a geek girls heart. When they sent me an email that showed this image, I nearly wet myself. Then I saw the price and cried liked a baby, not really though (I did).

I love my sci-fi shows and Warehouse 13 is way up there at the top of my faves list, so at $1,195 for this Tesla prop, I will have to skip this and just keep watching. A Farnsworth replica would be amazing to have, for cheap of course. Or even better, a fold over Farnsworth case for my Blackberry. That would make me giddy happy.
Kawaii Nail Lacquer Polish Collections



As you will know by now, I am a sucker for Glitter nail polishes, these have to be 2 of the most gorgeous sets I have ever seen. Both sets are from Kawaii Nail lacquer‘s shop on Etsy. All polishes in the store are handmade and incredible. My favourites, if I had to choose from these collections are Captain America and Robin, but that’s with a gun to my head. I would love to have all of them.

I actually urge you to check out the Etsy store housing these beauties here and also check out another of my faves from here, The Harry Potter House Colours collection.
Well, that’s everything for now. Hopefully, I should receive my GlossyBox at some point this week, so will have a ‘What’s in My Box?’ post soon. 
Hope you all had a good Monday (I know, probably not, it’s Monday.)

All images in this post have been linked back to their original sources. I never have or will intend to steal anyone’s photographic work or take any credit for it. Please click ‘source’ underneath each image to return to the OP.

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