My Christmas Lust List

I love this time of year, I really do, probably more than most, I think I’m more excited than my 6 year old. And now that it has started to look wintery outside, I’m getting more excited.

Normally, at Christmas, I don’t want people to buy me anything, I’m more of a giver than a taker, I tend to put a lot of thought into what I buy people and will shop round the ends of the earth to get something amazing. This year, I have somewhat failed at this, and have been very interested in what I would like for Christmas.

So, naturally, I thought I’d give you all a little bit of a snippet of what my mind is lusting after.

My montage above is a bit of a fail also but I couldn’t get it to look pretty so after hours of trying different ways, I just threw it all together.

These items are all genuinely on my list to Santa and if Santa is reading, I have been a very good girl this year =D.


Voi Jeans Onesie from Bank Fashion £55

I reeeeeeally want a onesie, they look so comfy and snuggly. I did want one that made me look like a giant reindeer but have decided against this and thought a plain/normal one might be better. My reasoning? Well, the onesies look so comfortable that its likely I would leave my house wearing said onesie, a friend of mine told me that this is not socially acceptable, to which I say ‘PAH’ I defy you social acceptance, however, I don’t defy social acceptance so much that I would go to the shop looking like a giant crazy reindeer.


UGG Women’s Bailey Button Triplet Bomber £230

I’ve wanted some proper UGGs for a while. I tend to buy a few pairs of the cheap version every year, and they never last. I bought a pair this year that I wore for a week and they already started doing that horrible fold thing at the back and side and from what I know, UGGs tend to last quite a while. They are warm, comfy and look how pretty these ones look. I do prefer the grey to the light browny colour and I prefer the ones with the buttons on the side. However, at £230, I’m pretty sure these are not going to be under my tree on Christmas day. =(

Grey Faux Fur Trim Snuggle Socks £12

Don’t you just love a good pair of warm fluffy socks? I have loads of fluffy socks, I barely wear normal socks anymore. What? I get really cold feet. These snuggle socks look lush and are perfect for lounging around the house in my onesie =) 

GUERLAIN La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum £60

Admit it, you thought my whole lust list as going to be me wanting warm comfy things, didn’t you?

I normally get a perfume each year from my mother in law and that will normally last me until or just before the next Christmas, so during the year I try loads of samples to see if I want to go for a different one the next year. So I tried this sample and its gorgeous. Its a very sweet, girly smell, not something I would normally go for but maybe I’m getting girlier in my old age. 

Vichy Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream For Normal to Combination Skin £22

I tried a small tub of this that I received in my September GlossyBox. This cream is amazing, I made the tiny tub last nearly 4 weeks and my skin felt fantastic. Its the first cream I have ever used in my life that tackled all my problem areas. I’m desperate for this to be back in my life.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Acrylic Necklace £11.48 incl p+p

How cute and nerdy is this? I love necklaces like this and the nerdier the better. I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it but alas it has been sat on my watch list on eBay for quite some time. It will be mine. Possibly. Maybe. Probably not ever. booohooohooo :'(

Rimmel Lycra Pro Matte Finish Mattifying Top Coat £4.59

I think the whole matte nail trend thing is yummy and for this price I would expect this matte top coat to be pretty good. I did buy a cheapy version a while back but it was complete and utter pants, truly shocking. So I’m ready to try again with a better product, I might even buy this one for myself.

17 Holo Nail Silver £3.99

I have never had a holo, and I really want one. OK, maybe not this particular one, I’m not sure. None of the small shops in my small town sell this one or the GOSH one so I would have to get one online. Have you used this one? Was it any good? Can you recommend any?


Vivid Lacquer stamping plates £5.09 each

Vivid Lacquer is a seller on etsy (here) that i also follow on Facebook (find the page here). The stamping plates are so cute and the designs on them are bigger than your average stamping plate so would be easy to get full nail coverage. I can’t pick just one stamping plate i want, i have to have them all. There are 7 to collect and they are very popular, so if you are thinking of getting any, it’s best to move quite quick. Saying all this, i want every item they sell, when i can, these will be my first franken/indie polishes i will have in my possession. But for now, I’ll have the stamping plates, just the stamping plates.
Well that’s my Christmas list, there’s loads more i want but that’ll do for now. So, in conclusion, I want to sit around my house in a onesie, with snuggly socks, adorned with a Stormtrooper, smelling gorgeously girly, with a really smooth face, doing my nails and adding boots to the equation if i need to go to the shops.

Let me know if you have bought or are now going to buy any of these items. 


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