Polish Days-Something New

It’s that time of the month again, Polish Days. This is now my second Polish Days  and the theme this month kind of pushed me to attempt a mani that I had been putting off, the water marble mani. eeeeekkk. This is one that I have been considering for ages but I knew that for ‘Something New’ it had to be this one to give me the challenge.

I have heard a few people say that they have had trouble with this one and looking at other bloggers gorgeous water marble mani’s was really daunting, but I went for it anyway. And this is what I got.

Left Hand
In any other mani, this would have been a complete nail fail, but I have to admit, I’m somewhat in love with this. It didn’t go completely to plan and the nails don’t match at all but it was actually a successful first time in my eyes.
I like that the thumb and middle finger kind of look like smoke, I like the smokey looking ones the best. 
Then, when I was going through the pictures to see if any of them were any good, I realised that the pinkie finger on my left hand looks like an ocean scene with what looks like a dolphin swimming in it.  I wish I could say that this was on purpose but alas, I am not that talented.
Lets not mention the ring finger, this was the second attempt for that finger and I have no idea what happened here. Bit of an abomination.
Right Hand
My right hand was a bit more disappointing, but then, my right hand never looks as good as the left. However, the pinkie on my right hand, was my favourite of all. It came out looking more like smoke than all the others and even with only a small amount of detail it looked stunning. Unfortunately the light made it impossible to capture how good it really looked.

So these are just close ups of my two favourite nails from this mani.

I used Barry M Matt white for the base and for the water marbling I used Barry m Matt white, Barry M cyan blue and Barry M Grey.

I did learn a few things whilst doing it, the main one is that the polish spreads much better in warm water (should have realised this) and that I need to moisturise my hands more often.

I’m going to try water marbling again some time and maybe have a little more patience with it and try a more uniformed design.
What did you think of my first attempt? Did you have any more luck with your first water marble mani?

Check out below for all the other lovelies taking part in this months Polish Days and if you want to enter yourself, you can check out how here.



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