Bundle Monster 25pc 2012 collection, finally.

Yay. I finally got my hands on the Bundle Monster 25pc 2012 Collection. I spent the last few months of 2012 leaving subtle hints on the laptop for Hubby to find, in the form of open pages, bookmarks, even bookmarks called ‘what I want for Christmas’. He didn’t take the hint so in the end I had to tell him.
We actually bought this after Christmas, so I had to wait a little while because Bundle Monster is based in Hawaii. Saying that though, I was very surprised at how quickly they made it to the UK. I had to wait less than 2 weeks. Fantastic.
Talking about fantastic, we actually bought this during the Bundle Monster sale, so instead of costing me $21.99 (about £14) it cost me $17.99 (about £12). To the UK, Bundle monster charge $4 (about £2.52) for postage/delivery costs. In total my order should have cost me £14.55, but my stupid bank added on a £1.39 charge. Still fantastic prices though.
Yes this was my first ever item from Bundle Monster and you may have noticed that I really like stamping, so  how obvious is it that I am super excited? Take it down a notch? Ok, yup. Sorry :(.

Because I ordered around Christmas and New years eve, I also received this Hawaiian Christmas themed special edition plate for free. Who doesn’t love freebies.
On the subject of the SE plate and freebies, Once Bundle Monster’s Facebook reaches 12,000 likes, 12 lucky fans will be chosen to receive a free special edition plate. So head over and give them a like to be in with a chance.
Ok back to these plates, bear with me on this one as it is slightly picture heavy but there is a mani at the end so stay tuned.

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Phew. If anyone tells you it’s easy to take photos of stamping plates, and show all the details as good as possible, then they’re lying. Over 2 days i took these photos and there were a couple of plates that just refused to be clear instead of blurry. 
These plates seem quite thinly etched, so a good thick polish is needed, but the pictures come out beautifully. These are the best stamping plates i have had so far. The plate itself is very good quality and it has a card backing so as not to cut yourself on the edges of the plate (i have not done this before on the cheaper plates i have bought but they are very sharp). 
Oh don’t forget to take off the blue plastic cover before using. I once bought a cheap plate that had a clear covering on it (one of my first ever plates), I kept trying to get it to work and it just would not stamp, the scraper just kept taking all the polish off. I kept telling hubby what a joke it was and couldn’t work out what was wrong with it or what I was doing wrong. That is, until I caught my nail on the plastic covering, because it was clear I hadn’t noticed it. I felt like a completed tool at that point.
On to the mani. I saw this beautiful Purple and Grey Skittles mani by Jen over @ The Nail Polish Project, and it instantly made me want this plate collection. Isn’t it gorgeous?
I really wanted to re-create it when I got my plates. I don’t have any China Glaze or OPI *sob* but I attempted to recreate it with what I did have.

So I used Barry M Matt White, Barry M Berry Ice Cream, Barry M Gelly Prickly Pear, Barry M Gelly Plum, Rimmel 60 Seconds Grey Matter and Seche Vite. 
Yes I have Seche Vite (woop) my friend lovingly bought it for me, and it is totally badass. I love it. This is a post full of love.
Here is my recreation of Jen’s gorgeous mani.

As you can see, I have had a bit of savage snappage on my index finger. Would you believe I literally just opened a drawer and it broke? Devastated.
My mani doesn’t look quite as elegant as Jen’s but I still loved it and thanks to Seche Vite, I managed to keep it on for nearly 5 days with no chipping. 
Plates used:  BM-323 on the thumb, BM-311 on the middle finger (unfortunate double stamp) and BM-317 on ring finger. The index finger i used 3 different sized dotting tools and on the pinkie i used striping tape.
Do you have any other Bundle Monster Collections or have you ever been inspired to buy a product purely because of someone’s mani?

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