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I decided to take part in a Budget Blogger Beauty Swap which was set up by Naomi at Bewitchery. The budget was £10/$16/€12 so great for those of us on a constant budget.

It was such a fab idea and you know I love trying new things, so of course I had to get in on it.

I got paired with the lovely Katrina over at Carousel Diary and we set about telling each other about what we disliked. Which tbh, from both of us, wasn’t much.

We posted at the beginning of the week and it was quite exciting waiting for the package to come. What would Katrina have chosen for me.

It finally came, and like a child I ripped into the package. It was all wrapped really nicely but because my excitement took over, I didn’t take a picture……

The majority of items were things I had never used before. So here is what I received.

Bourjois Paris Dissolvant Nail polish remover pot. I would never have bought one of these mainly because last time I strayed from the usual Nail polish remover with cotton pads was to try the nail polish remover pads and they were pants, but this is amazing. Of course I tried it, it took the polish off with 2 motions and even polish down the sides of the nails had gone. Very Impressed.
Here is a shot of my nail after I used it.
 Next up was Mineral Bronzer Naturally Suntan.

  I have honestly never bought bronzer. I’m very pale so have never been sure on it at all. I’m going to try it though.
Here is a photo of a little bit on my skin to show you just how pale I am in comparison, sunglasses at the ready.

See what I mean?

Now these little beauties are the JINNYlash strip eyelashes. I have always wanted to try fake eyelashes but have never quite plucked up the courage, but now I can. I did try to apply one earlier to take a picture of the difference, but my application skills are somewhat…… embarrassingly rubbish. So no pictures. Also, credit to all you ladies out there that manage to apply and wear these all day everyday. They’re quite heavy aren’t they? I will attempt them again maybe for a night out or something.

Another item in the package of pretties was MUA eXtreme curl mascara. Who doesn’t love mascara. I love mascara, its one of my make up bag staples and this will come in very handy.
The final beauty item is Blemish Blitz cotton buds. I have never heard of these before and they look really good. When I get a breakout, I really get a breakout so this will be kept near in case it happens. This may become a love of mine if they work.
Katrina also sent me some cute little extras.

These 2 rings came in this pretty organza bag (how lush is that colour of green?)

And there was also this barbed wire bracelet, which reminded me of my teenager years. I used to wear these all the way up my arm, I was a little grungy but still look back on my clothes and jewellery quite fondly. 
This experience wasn’t quite as daunting as I was expecting, and I would love to take part in future swaps. the worst bit is trying to pick items for your swap partner.
I’d like to say thank you to Naomi for setting this up and letting me take part and Katrina for swapping with me. 
If you want to see how Katrina got on with the items I sent her head over to Carousel diary now.

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