Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints Part 1

I’ve been quite poorly again so I apologise for my absence, I’m also mourning the literal downfall of my beloved Blackberry, I dropped it on my hardwood floor and the display stopped working, hopefully I can get it fixed soon. I have no idea how I will cope without a mobile phone as I stupidly stopped having a cheap backup because I haven’t broken a phone in 7-8 years so thought it wasn’t necessary. 
I haven’t had a much chance to do anything new, so, because Barry M have released they’re Gelly Spring Collection, I thought it was about time I put up the swatches from the original Gelly’s that I own.
I’ve had them for a while now and you can see that I had an index finger breakage during taking these photos. Also, my photo skills, not up to scratch really and to try and get true colour for each polish, they are all slightly different lighting and angles.

So, the Barry M Gelly’s come in the regular bottle but with a silver lid. They are named Gelly’s in relation to Gel polishes rather than Jelly polishes, so they are meant to have a highly pigmented colour with a high level of shine on the finish (Hi-Shine) so that you do not need to use a top coat.
Although the colours are pigmented and on the darker colours you could probably get away with one mid-thick coat and 2 thin coats for the lighter colours, I honestly wouldn’t say that the shine on these are any different from the normal Barry M nail paints.
In each of these pictures I used 2 thin coats which gave great coverage and opaqueness.
Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear is a gorgeous lilac shade and is the perfect spring pastel shade.


Blueberry is a pretty light blue, again it is pastel and so is another perfect spring colour. I think Blueberry is very similar to Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream, although this one is a slightly lighter shade.

This one is definitely my favourite of all the colours so far from this range. This was the hardest to get the colour to show properly as it kept coming out way more darker than it actually is but I think this photo does it justice.

Plum is a lush dark purple colour and is more of an autumnal colour but I wont let that stop me from wearing it.

 The one thing I did notice about this particular polish is that it seems to chip much more easily than all the others in this range, this was a bit disappointing but not so much so that I wont use the polish.

Blackberry is a good dark blue. For some reason, my bottle is marked up as ‘blue plum’, I thought that only review samples had been marked up as wrong but it seems that some shops got these as well.

Blackberry is a rich, dark blue. I don’t often come by the darker blue polishes, and honestly, I cant remember the last time I saw this type of shade, but then that could be because I live in a small town and the shops are pants.

Lastly, in my collection, although there are more in the range, is Pomegranate.

Pomegranate is a very juicy red/pinky colour. This is the one polishes of the lot that looked wet to me and it makes me thirsty just looking at it.

I’ve mentioned before that red and pink colours aren’t really my cup of tea, and you can probably tell at least one of the reasons from this photo. With pigmented red/pink polishes, because I have very pale skin, they often stain my skin around the nail, which just doesn’t look very pretty, so I would recommend using Vaseline or a heavy hand cream/moisturiser on your skin prior to applying this nail polish if you also have pale skin.

I do like this range and even though the shine doesn’t seem any different to normal Barry M nail paints, they are still pretty darn shiny and I really do like them. They dry pretty quickly, which is always a bonus.

Another bonus, particularly with the darker colours, is that they are great for stamping, you can see a quick example of this in the picture below.

Barry M Gelly Nail Paints (including the new Spring Collection) are available from, Superdrug (currently on 2 for £6 instore and online) and Boots (save £1 when you buy 2 selected Barry M nail paints), all for the great price of £3.99.

Every now and then, I try something different with the blog or my posts to see if I like it better, on this post, I’m trying out larger images, do you think it works or did you prefer smaller pics?

Hope you have all had a great week and are ready for the weekend.

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