Polish Days- Vintage- Flapper Style

So, this month’s theme for Polish Days is Vintage. Fab. Sadly, I’m not one of those people who own a gorgeous Vintage polish so I had to go with a Vintage theme.
I have a couple of time periods that I adore items from but for this one, I wanted to try something that had elements of things I hadn’t tried before. Which is why I went with a 1920’s Flapper style.
My design was loosely based on this dress.

So, onto the mani.
In my head, this was amazing, in practice, it didn’t quite get to my expectation level, but I still like how different it is.
The thumb was the face, the index finger was the feather on the headband, the middle finger was the pearl necklace, ring finger was the tassel skirt and the pinkie was the fishnet stockings.
This image was to show a better shot of the thumb.
Breakdown of each finger
Thumb- Base colour: Barry M Gelly Lychee
Hair/Eyebrow: Barry M Mushrooom
Headband: W7 Black with 3 rhinestones
Lips: Barry M Gelly Pomegranate                                                       
Index- Base Colour: W7 Black
With a black and white spotted guinea fowl feather
Middle- Base Colour- W7 Black
With Pearl Rhinestone Details
Ring- No Base Colour
Bits cut from a small white tassle
Pinkie- Base Colour: Barry M Gelly Lychee
Stamp Colour: W7 Black
Stamp Plate used: BM- 315
Don’t forget, if you want to take art in Polish Days, head here and while you’re at it, check out all the other lovelies taking part in this month’s Polish Days, listed below.


Author: Chrissie

11 thoughts on “Polish Days- Vintage- Flapper Style

  1. That mani is swinging!!!! It's a very creative translation of the inspiration.
    I can't help but think of The Vampire Diaries' Stefan, Klaus and Rebecca in the roaring 20's! Sorry, had to get that out. Lol!

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