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I showed you a while back some of the necklaces I have and love in one of my favourite things posts. What I tend to do is buy the charm and then fit a chain to it myself. It’s easier and cheaper this way as over the years I have collected quite a few spare chains due to charms breaking and what not.
So I wanted to share with you one of the places I get my charms from.
Craft Jam is a website that have loads of cute jewellery and jewellery supplies. I found them just over a year ago and instantly wanted to buy pretty much everything laser cut and acrylic from their store.
But I mainly just buy charms, you can see the range here, look how cheap they are. Most of the charms start at 50p for a basic plain acrylic, then you will be able select different sizes, Glitter, Mirrored, Wood or Fluorescent for usually 50p for each thing, prices will sometimes differ, dependant on the style of charm or the size. but they definitely work out much cheaper than buying a whole necklace.
Here are 3 charms that I have bought recently.
First, they arrived in this very pretty gold padded envelope.
Then, as you can see, the items are packaged in little cellophane packets with craft jam tags on top. Those little pictures on top are images of some of their other items for sale, so you may get your item and want another one straight away.

Aren’t these lush? I’ve wanted that Autobots one for aaaaaggessss.
Now apart from the price, this is another reason why I love these charms, the detailing is fantastic, as you can see in the picture of the lips charm above. They’re very sturdy and last for ages. Shipping is cheap as its based on what you buy, so for this order it was £2 and they turned up in less than a week. V.Happy with that. I’m not sure where they ship to other than the UK as it doesn’t seem to be mentioned on the website but  I’m sure they would welcome enquiries.
These will probably appear at some point in the future with chains attached.

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