GOSH Holographic Hero & a little Valentines touch

Well, Valentines Day is upon us. TBH, I’m not one for all this soppy, lovey-dovey crap and to me, Valentines Day is just clusters of PDA’s all over the place, geck. So we don’t really celebrate Valentines. We do have one Valentines tradition, which is, that every year, on Valentines, we watch a horror film, it’s kind of our Valen-thing, but that’s it, so I don’t really get into all the Valentines mani’s. (wow, that’s a lot of times to say the word Valentine)
Hubby bought me a bottle of GOSH Holographic Hero (not for Vday) and I thought I would show it off today. I have added a little Vday touch to it.
I’ve been lusting after a Holographic nail polish for a while so when Hubby brought this home, I was all like ‘YAY’.
It’s beautiful. I’ve read people say that the holo in this isn’t very strong, or at least not as strong as the original GOSH Holographic, so I do think I’m quite lucky that I never owned the original because it means I can admire this one without comparing it.
Natural Light

Natural Light

The polish applied quite nicely and I was quite shocked to find it dried really quickly. The only downside was that it took 3 coats for full coverage with no brush marks or streaks.


It does say that it is a one night only polish but I managed to get 2 full days out of it, which I’m quite happy with, that’s about as long as I wear a particular mani anyway.
Artificial Light

The finish is quite smooth, all these images are without top coat as sadly, a top coat takes away the holo effect quite dramatically.
Removal was easy. For some reason, I thought it would be a pain in the ass but it came of with just 2 rubs of the cotton pad.
For the valentines additions, I didn’t try very hard, I just wanted something simple. My heart did not turn out very well but it’s still cute. For this I used Barry M Red Glitter.
For the lips, I stamped using Nails Inc St James and Cheeky Plate CH27. I wish I had used a little bit of glitter on the lips.
So, in conclusion, @ £4.99 from Superdrug (In store- doesn’t seem to be available online) for my first holo, its done the job and I think I may have caught the holo bug. I want a nice blue holo next, any recommendations?


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2 thoughts on “GOSH Holographic Hero & a little Valentines touch

  1. I like the look of the flakies as well. I'd not heard of the CND effects polishes, so i just had a little google and they are gorgeous. Now i want those too.


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