Polish Days- The number 5

This Polish Days seems to have come round really quickly, and tbh, Hannah (from Polly Polish, that runs Polish Days) seems to have a knack for picking themes that proper stump me. This months theme of The Number 5 is no exception.
Unfortunately, the number 5 has no significance to me at all, which I found quite strange. Apart from a few 5’s in my phone numbers, that’s it. So, thinking of a mani for it was quite difficult. Yes, there are loads of things out there in the big bad world that have relevance but I couldn’t think of anything to do with them.
Apart from one thing that kept sticking in my head, 5 Gold Rings. Yes, it’s a little bit out of season but don’t worry, I didn’t go for a Christmas theme. I kind of loosely used it, so the mani I came up with ended up a bit of a mish of 2 things.
Before we get to the pictures, I’ll explain how I decided on this particular mani. So, 5 gold rings, gold rings, one gold ring, one ring, one ring to rule them all, I have 5 fingers, so, 5 gold rings to rule them all.
And this is it.
Direct Sunlight
I had recently bought some cute decals which had the text from the ring in LOTR, or so I assume, it could say anything for all I know. I used a base of Barry M Gold Foil (the only non-glitter gold polish I own), topped with 3 coats of Barry M Gold Glitter, added the decals and topped with Seche Vite, which took 2 coats because of the glitter and decals.
I love the effect of old, dirty gold it gives in direct sunlight.
Natural light-shade
This is the mani in natural shaded light, you can see a few crinkles in the decals but it doesn’t ruin it. 
I’m very interested to see what everyone else has done for this month, I love that everyone else’s interpretation will be different.
So don’t forget to check out all the other lovelies taking part to see what they have done, they are listed below. And if you want to take part in next months Polish Days, you can get all the details here.


Author: Chrissie

14 thoughts on “Polish Days- The number 5

  1. Oh…my…god! These are abso-blooomin-lutely AMAZING! :0 Hardcore fan here obvs hehe! But honestly huny, these are just beautiful, I need those decals in my life!!!

    Aysh xox

  2. OMGosh! I absolutely LOVE this!!!! The thought process makes sense, and it translated beautifully on your nails. The decals… *fans self* WANTS! WHERE?! You have evoked a deranged fangirl!

    Written in complete bias towards LOTR, but still with honesty.

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