May the 4th be with you!

Yes, today is Star Wars day, so I decided to do these cute Stormtrooper nails that have been floating around for a while. This was my first ever attempt at them, and i made the mistake of going in thinking these would be easy as pie and quick, I was wrong. Mainly because I had hand tremors at the time so it was impossible to freehand anything neatly, but the outcome was cute as hell and they got the approval of my 6 year old, so job done.
I used Barry M Matt White and Barry M Black Nail Art Pen for the details topped with a coat of Seche Vite.
We like Star Wars in this house and have crap loads of Star Wars memorabilia. I did try to take some pictures of some of it for you but my camera ran out of battery and I have no more in the house (you wouldn’t want me going out in the rain would you?) Maybe that can be a post for another day.
We have 2 FX lightsabers, some mini collectable lightsaber hilts, film cells, old collectable figures, newer figures, original soundtrack LP’s, clothes, jewellery, teddies. The list could go on and on, we even have inflatable lightsabers and the Star Wars posters that we had on the walls of our first flat together.
Sadly, in our town, there isn’t a lotta love for Star Wars and so there are no celebrations going on anywhere near us so we are gonna chill out with a Star Wars movie marathon.
Did you know that today is also Free Comic Book Day? You can have a look at the website here to find out more about it and see if you have a store near you that is participating. Again, we miss out because our little town sucks and is nowhere near anyone who is participating. Let me know if you do anything fun for either Star Wars Day or Free Comic Book Day.
Now go and relax you will.
 (yeah, I know, that was lame, don’t be judgey)

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