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I’ve been umming and aaahing about getting some nail art pens for ages, mainly because when it comes to certain things, my intensely unsteady hands can’t quite manage it with a brush.
So when I found out that Barry M were releasing their own nail art pens, it made sense for me to get some.
For my birthday, I was let loose in Superdrug and luckily, these had been released a few days before, plus they were on a 3 for 2 deal (Still 3 for 2 across all Barry M nail @Superdrug) and I love bargains even when I’m not the one paying, so I grabbed the white, black and silver ones.

The pens are quite chunky, especially when compared to a nail art brush, and the shape and size made them really easy to grip. They have a solid plastic ‘nib’ which you have to pump on a hard surface on your first use (sheet of paper or paper towel highly recommended to cover hard surface). Don’t make the mistake I did and pump it on every use, you tend to get splodging.
The polish, isn’t quite the same formula of nail polish, it’s sort of runnier, so it comes out easily and evenly and spreads thinly. For instance, when doing a french tip with normal polish and a brush, have you ever noticed how the polish builds up into a ridge type bump? With these nail art pens, you can go over the area several times and the polish still looks and feels flat and even. Because of this, it makes it so easy to do straight lines and other annoyingly and deceivingly difficult details. Although the Silver pen seems to have a closer consistency to that of Barry M Silver Foil.
So the reason I wanted pens, was to be able to do controlled straight lines. And I wanted to do controlled straight lines so I could do border nails. And these are the nails I wanted to do.

Nails Inc St. James Road (Red Polish) Details done using pens
It’s not an amazing example of the use of the pens but I originally saw these nails done on Nancy Mc Nails and mine aren’t quite as stunning but I love them and I will perfect them.
One tip for these, is to wait until your nails are completely dry before using the pen, otherwise the pen polish cracks when applied onto wet polish.
To see some more detailed and gorgeous designs using the Barry M Nail Art Pens, have a look at Hannah’s design @Polly Polish and Allie’s designs @Brit Nails.
The pens are available in Black, White, Silver and Pink and are available from Barry M, Boots and Superdrug and are priced at £4.99 each, however they are available on the Superdrug 3for2 on Barry M Nails.

Author: Chrissie

6 thoughts on “Barry M Nail Art Pens

  1. I am aaaahing those aswell but will have some trouble getting my hands on 'em because… I am in Spain :p

    Your nails came out super nice, I have to say! Quite perfect already! 🙂

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