OPI Liquid Sand- What Wizardry Is This? Swatch and Review

You might have noticed this, but I seem to have developed somewhat of an obsession with OPI Liquid Sand polishes. I can’t help it, they’re all just so gorgeous. I just wish they would stop releasing so many of them, for a poor person like me, it’s a very expensive obsession to develop. 
Luckily, this was one of my birthday presents from hubby. doesn’t he pick well? ok, I may have hinted a little bit. Ok, I hinted a lot. FINE, I told him I wanted it. What can I say, I knows what I wants. I’m definitely not disappointed. 
In the bottle it looks kind of bronzey in colour and sparkles like mad in the sun.

It was so difficult to pick up how truly gorgeous this polish is and I have to be honest, the pictures don’t do it justice in any way, shape or form. 
The polish applies really well and was opaque in just 2 thin coats. The formula seemed a bit runnier compared to other Liquid sand polishes but didnt have any effect on application. 
Once dry, it looks almost like I have applied a sparkly gold polish then added a sparse textured brown over the top, you can see this on the left shot above, mostly on my ring finger. 
As with the Mariah Carey liquid Sand polishes I have tried (which you can see here) the polish seems like a sturdy laster. I wore this for 3 days and had no chippage. I did get a bit of end wear on day 3 after doing the dishes but this is a sufficient amount of time if you ask me.
Again, because of how pretty and sparkly the Liquid Sand polishes are, they also look fab with a topcoat. I used 2 coats of Seche Vite to cover it. It did become a bit difficult to photo with a topcoat, although I don’t know why but you can still see that it looks like a  nice dark colour with gold glitter throughout. 
Removal, as usual with these polishes, was a bit of a pain in petuttie just because of the glitter, but the colour came off well and there was no stainage. 
You can buy this polish from Amazon uk for £7.75 here or straight from OPI for £11.50.
You can also get this polish as part of the Oz great and Powerful Mini Collection for £13.95.
This polish has definitely jumped to the top of my favourites list.

Author: Chrissie

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