Born Pretty Holo #12 Swatch and Review

I currently have 2 nail polish obsessions in my life, one of which you have seen and will see more of- Textured, but the other one is Holo’s. 
Holo’s are absolutely stunning, especially in the sunshine, and when the sun decided to shine yesterday, I had to put one of my newest Holo polishes on. I’m glad I took advantage of it, because it was trying desperately to snow here this morning, I saw tiny snowflakes, and even though I adore the snow, not so great for showing off certain polishes.
The one problem I find with Holographic polishes, is that the good ones tend to be quite expensive because of how desirable they are, however, even though Born Pretty Holo’s are the amazing price of  $6.99 (£4.29), you shouldn’t be fooled, the holo in them is ah-maze-ing!
I’ve already had the Purple Born Pretty Holo which you can see here, and I won’t stop until I own all of them. 
Holo #12 is a deep green polish with holo glitter throughout, but when the holo is showing, the polish looks almost black.
The formula is pretty good, it applies nicely but did need 3 coats to get rid of some of those little see through patches, although 2 thick coats would probably do the job. 
Its not an incredibly long lasting polish, just about 2 days of normal wear and I got a little bit of chippage. This was without a topcoat, so I recommend using a sturdy topcoat if you want it to last a bit longer.
Even in the shade you can see flecks of the holo showing through.
Removal is easy, and even though it is a green polish, I didn’t see any signs of stainage. Also, when cleaning up around my cuticles, it cleaned up nicely and didn’t stain my skin.

In the bottle and direct sunlight it gives the effect of an oil spill. It’s so pretty I die.
Check out the full range of  Born Pretty Holographic Polish and don’t forget, they do free postage anywhere in the world. Plus, you can use my discount code for 10% off, just enter CBAQ10 at checkout.

Author: Chrissie

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