My First Indie’s: Nail Lacquer UK Choose the One and Heart or Love

Whilst browsing Etsy for indie polishes that I couldn’t buy because they don’t post to the UK, I stumbled across a ‘Heart or love’ by Nail Lacquer UK. The second picture on the listing was of the polish swatched on Black and I was blown away by how lush it looked, not only that, they were in the UK, so I could buy them. Woohoo.
Of course, I couldn’t buy just one, so I had a little browse and decided on ‘Choose The One’ as well.
They were both 10ml bottles and had cute little hearts on the top of the lid in a corresponding colour. 
So, with my new camera, I decided to attempt some macro shots of them, and although admittedly, not the best macro shots in existence, but it’s a start and looks very pretty. 
While on the subject of the camera, I’m still pretty poor at working out all the settings and stuff, along with the lighting in the photo box, so the colouring and brightness is a little off in these photos, but I have taken a few different photos so you can hopefully see the polishes quite well.
I used a base colour of Barry M Gelly Plum, which is a beautiful Autumnal colour and went perfectly with these two polishes.
I wanted to wear these for a few days so I mixed it up a little, on my left hand (pictured above) I wore ‘Choose the One on my Thumb, Index, Middle and Pinkie, with ‘Heart or Love’ my Ring finger.
Both polishes are glitter topcoats with multi sized glitter in them.
 ‘Choose the One’ has tiny, small, medium and extra large Turquoise/Cyan glitter and Medium sized Pink/Magenta Glitter. 
‘Heart or Love’ has tiny, small, medium, large and extra large Pink/Magenta and Turquoise/Cyan glitters. 
The glitters seem to be holographic as well, unless I’m seeing things of course, but if I’m not, you should see some of that holographic effect in some of the pictures.
On my right hand i decided to use ‘Heart or Love’ on my Thumb, index, middle and pinkie fingers with ‘Choose the one’ on my ring finger.

The colours really pop on dark coloured polishes with a dark background.
The polishes work very well together and are very similar once on the nails.  
All pictures show just one coat of Heart or Love or Choose the One. 
Application was really nice and smaller glitter placement was not really an issue, the glitter spread out quite nicely, although, as with all polishes that have larger glitter pieces, the larger glitter did need a little bit of placement assistance.
Normally with larger glitter and because of the curve in my nails, I would get lift on the sides of the glitter, but this was not really an issue with these polishes. The glitter sat nicely atop of my nail and only took 1 coat of Seche Vite to be completely smooth.
The polishes are £6.50 each and you can view Nail Lacquer UK shop on Etsy here
Currently Nail Lacquers Polish sales has been halted but you can still purchase some beautiful custom false nails.
I don’t think my photos do these polishes any justice, they are absolutely beautiful and I’m really glad they were my first ever Indie purchase. 

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