Bundle Monster Stamping Plate Organiser

I thought it was only appropriate to show you the Bundle Monster Stamping plate organiser after showing you the new CYO plate collection.
This was one of my Valued Opinions purchases. Valued Opinions has now changed it so the Amazon Voucher is £15, so I had to wait a little bit longer but this was already on my Amazon wish list. I went for the Mardi Gras Purple because it’s purrrrty.

There are 3 different colours available, Mardi Gras Purple, Crocodile Black and Bubble Gum Pink. The pink and purple both have a kind of carbon fibre cover and the black, as its name suggest, has like a crocodile skin finish. All of them have the little silver ‘b.m.c’ logo on the bottom right.

The folder has 84 slots but they are see through so you are able to put the plates back to back, meaning that you can actually store 168 plates, this also makes viewing and choosing the plates easy.
 The slots are made of a durable vinyl so even taking them in and out constantly shouldn’t affect the life of the folder. Each slot has a finger sized cutout to make removing your plates easy.
Obviously the folder is made for Bundle Monster plates but can be used for other plates of the same or similar size, for instance, the older Cheeky Stamping Plates fit in there easily. The newer ones however are too big. The cheapy hexagonal plates you can get also do not fit without a risk of ripping the pockets.
This was a great buy for me, my plates were all over the place and some have already been scratched, but no more, most of my plates are now in the same place and protected from scratches. Not only that, but it doesn’t take up that much space and can easily slot in between 2 books on a shelf or at the side of a drawer. I highly recommend buying one if you have more than a few stamping plates. 
These are available direct from Bundle Monster for $14.39 each (£9.00) and is available in Mardi Gras PurpleBubbleGum Pink and Crocodile Black.
You can also get these from Amazon, Crocodile Black, BubbleGum Pink and Mardi Gras Purple and these are £15.99 each.

Author: Chrissie

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