Kawaii Nail Lacquer Siberian Kiss Swatch and Review

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Siberian Kiss was my favourite polish purchase of 2013. Yes I know I’m a bit late but it’s still true, and now that we finally have snowfall predicted for the UK, it is also a good time for the perfect wintery polish. And here it is.
I first saw Siberian Kiss when Jamie (Kawaii Nail Lacquer) posted this Swatch by Lacquer Loon on the Kawaii Nail Lacquer Facebook Page, and I instantly fell in love.

Siberian Kiss is a white crelly with blue multi-sized glitter in squares and circles. The polish is quite thin, I used 3 coats for my swatches and my nail line is still visible so this would probably be a good polish for a white base coat. 
Dry time between coats was a little bit longer than I am used to and still felt quite tacky to the touch after about 10-15 minutes. You might be able to see on my index finger that I dented the polish in 2 places (ignore the missing nail corner :'( always the corners!)
It dried pretty smooth, with only slight lifting on the edges of the large round glitters which you should be able to see on my little finger. In this case it would benefit from a good top coat. 
I haven’t used topcoat in these photos, because as with Joy to the World, when I used Seche Vite, it turned the polish a horrible tinge of yellow. I really need to get a few different top coats.
I wore Siberian Kiss for a few days without topcoat and had only the slightest corner wear after doing the dishes. Plus, this is the first polish in a while that I have had loads of compliments on. This really is a beautiful polish in the bottle and on the nail.
What do you think of Siberian Kiss? 

Author: Chrissie

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