Regally Red

Ha, I love that title, not because it’s particularly witty or clever, but because everytime I read it, I read it in the voice of Scooby Doo. You’re doing it now aren’t you? Finding joy in the simplest things, that’s how the world goes round.
Onto today’s post. Today’s nail art was done using these pretty Gold Arabesque Water Decals from Born Pretty Store.
Once again, these decals were slightly different to water decals I have used in the past, with these ones, you dip them in the water for a few seconds, then when you take them out, you have to wait until they have dried a little bit before they will slide off the paper. This frustrated me slightly only because I’m used to decals just sliding straight off and being ready to go.

These decals are really pretty and bold and you can see in this picture that the colours are really vibrant, so I was kind of hoping that they would work really well on dark colours and for the most part they did, but some of the colours, namely the blue and red became difficult to see.

So I decided on red and white and this worked really well, the red and gold really pop on these colours. I used Barry m Matt White and Nails Inc Luminous Red.
As usual with decals and my curved nails, I had a few problems getting all the air bubbles out and keeping the decal flat everywhere but these aren’t really visible on the finished mani.
To stop shrinkage, I used 2 coats of a cheapy top coat and then one coat of Seche Vite.
I don’t know if you can notice this, but on the white the decals look like the edges have discoloured a slightly yellowish colour after the Seche was added. This could potentially be resolved by cutting much closer to the decal edges.
Clean up was easy because edges of the decals came away with a few swipes of a clean up brush and acetone polish remover.
These decals are available in gold or silver here for $4.99 (£3.04) and you can get quite a few different manis out of the one sheet.
Don’t forget, you can use my code for 10% off your order. Just enter CBAQ10 at the checkout.
*The decals in this post were sent to me for review, everything else mentioned was purchased by myself. All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions.

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