The Lacquer Legion- Reinvention

Ssssshhhhhh, it’s still the 27th somewhere. I kind of rushed these because i forgot what day it was and since the theme was announced, I’ve had a complete creative block.
So anyway, The Lacquer Legion is a fun, monthly challenge type thing set up by the awesome Chalkboard NailsNailasaurusWork,Polish,Play and Rebecca Like Nails and each month a new theme will be announced. To join in and find out the themes, head over to the Lacquer Legion Facebook page.
Everyone taking part will be hashtagging over all social networks to make it easy to find their posts. This months hashtag is #LLReinvention. 

My reinvention was easy enough to decide, i started by having a look at the dictionary definition of Reinvention:
That’s when i decided that i would basically reinvent my first ever mani post. This was it. The whole thing was terrible. It was a Transformers mani, that was basically a carbon copy of Sammy’s (Nailasaurus), the photo was terrible, the writing was terrible and the actual mani was poorly executed.
So i have done a transformers mani using my own initiative. I decided to go back in time to the original Transformers and used this google search as my point of reference. 
This is my reinvented Transformers mani. I’m quite happy with it, even if it was rushed and isn’t as perfect as i imagined it would be.
I can’t wait to see what next months theme will be.

Author: Chrissie

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