Love to love- Valentines Nail Art

Valentines is approaching and even though I don’t really celebrate it, I wanted to have at least one Valentines themed mani on the blog. Cue Born Pretty Store Love Graffiti Water Decal/Stickers.
These decals come on a single sheet, with no pre-cut or pre-shaped designs. You do it yourself. This sort of thing makes me happy, it means that you can choose any section of the decal sheet, cut it to size and place however you want. You can do a full nail decal or cut out single words and shapes.
I had my nail art all planned out for this, but that quickly out of the window when I realised that the decals weren’t actually transparent as I had assumed, but an off white/cream colour. 
These are water decals but once dipped in water and placed, they are more like stickers. They become sticky as they dry and make it easier to smooth out air bubbles and creases.
When it comes to cutting decals, I’m terrible at it. Its either too big or too small, never just right. Luckily, with these decals, once placed, you can go over the edges with a clean up brush and some nail polish remover/acetone and it melts/dissolves the excess, giving you clean, crisp lines.
I didn’t want to risk shrinkage so I applied 2 coats of normal, cheapy top coat and then one coat of Seche Vite.
The only downside to not having the decal sheet pre-cut or pre-sized, is that you can end up with a lot of wastage depending on how you cut it, I only used it for 2 nails and my sheet looks like Pixel had a fight with it and left it for dead.

Under white light to show Holo of Barry m and colour change of Rimmel
For the rest of the mani I used:
Thumb- Rimmel Metal Rush Pearly Queen and stamped half of a design from Bundle Monster BM-425, with a small gem in the O.
Index- Rimmel Metal Rush Pearly Queen with 2 small gems.
Pinkie- Barry M Fairy Lights (Superdrug LE)
Look at the holo on Barry M isn’t it lush?
There are several design of these Born Pretty Decals, check them out here, they have some really cute map ones that I am thinking of buying, all @ $1.99 (£1.21) per sheet.
Don’t forget, if you’re buying anything, you can use my discount code for 10% off your order. Just enter CBAQ10 at checkout.
I’m also on the lookout for a new clean up brush, I think mine has seen its final days, if you know of where to get a really good one for a good price, let me know in the comments.
Have a good weekend!
*The Love Decal/Stickers in this post were sent to me for review, everything else        mentioned was purchased by myself. All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions.

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