Titanfall C101 Nails

I’ve done it again, and it may just become a habit, I’ve matched my nails to the Titanfall C101 Lanyard that came in the March Loot Crate.
Last month I matched my nails to the Catbug Bowtie that I received in the February Loot Crate and this month, when I saw the Titanfall Lanyard (based on the Titanfall C101 Controller), I knew I had to do some Titanfall C101 nails.
This has actually taken me 2 attempts because I had planned out these nails before my nail breakages and so had to try and fit them on half sized nails. The first attempt wasn’t terrible but the orange bits on the index and middle finger just looked a little bit too wibbly wobbly for my liking.

My favourite part are the hexes on the ring and pinkie. 
I hope there is an item in the Loot Crate each month that I can draw inspiration from, because receiving a box full of awesome, which then leads to an awesome mani = a lot of awesome. I love awesome.
Polishes Used: Barry M Matt White, Barry M Gelly Mango, Barry M Black, Barry M Grey, Sally Hansen Dorien Grey and Rimmel Grey Matter.
Hope you like this mani.

Author: Chrissie

2 thoughts on “Titanfall C101 Nails

  1. I've totally wanted to do a similar Titanfall design for my nails, but I couldn't really get it to look how I wanted. This design looks great though! Your hexagons really pulled it together. How did you make those little hexes, anyway?

  2. Thank you sweet. To do the hexagons, i just blobbed some polish on top of hex glitters (on top of some paper) then peeled them off the paper once they were dry. It was a bit fiddly but much easier to get the right shape than it was by marking them off on the nail using striping tape. :)x

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