Deadpool Nails

So the Deadpool nails are actually inspired by these Deadpool socks from the Villains Loot Crate, as soon as I saw the socks I knew it would make a cute and simple mani of everyones favourite anti-hero.

I started with a base colour of Ciate Red Hot Chilli. I chose this red above all others because it is very bright and almost orangey so I thought this would stand out best against the black stripes.
As soon as I applied the red, I started to have doubts and almost aborted the whole mani, the whole, red on every nail as the main colour almost put me off, but I persevered. 

Once dry, I used striping tape and Barry M Black to do the stripes and the black patches for Deadpool’s face/mask. The eyes were freehanded using Barry M Silk Pearl.
Then I topped it all off with a coat of Seche. I must have gone over it a bit too vigorously with the Seche because I ended up with hundreds of tiny air bubbles between the stripes, even with this, I still really like this mani, and it’s Deadpool, Deadpool doesn’t do perfection.
All the videos seem to have been removed now, but did you manage to catch the leaked test footage of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? I’m wondering if this was some kind of a self leak ploy, so that everyone says ‘oh Ryan Reynolds actually seemed to do a good job there’ in hopes that they can convince themselves or the world that this movie is potentially going to be good. I’m a believer, are you? It seemed like he pretty much nailed it there.
Anyway, Deadpool nails, YAY!

Author: Chrissie

4 thoughts on “Deadpool Nails

    1. Awesome, would love to see the finished mani! 😀 Have a great time tomorrow! I think Ryan Reynolds is definitely going to rock it, the movie looks badass so far and I am so glad they rated it R/18 otherwise I don't think it would have been as good.

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