Nerd Block: July 2014

Being the mini nerd that he is, everytime we received our Loot Crate, Kian would get this broody, jealous thing going on and we thought it was probably time for him to have his own subscription to a nerd box.
We wanted him to get different stuff from us so that he truly felt it was his own box of nerdiness and also it would be weird if he was wearing the same t-shirts as us, so I had a look around at all the Subscription boxes similar to Loot Crate.
At first, we were drawn to Nerd Block JR because it specified in it’s name that it was meant for mini nerds, but the problem was that the stuff seem to be quite focused on things like Ben 10 and Power Rangers and Ki just isn’t into that stuff and there didn’t seem to be t-shirts in that one.
In the end, we decided on Nerd Block Classic, this meant that he would get things like Funko’s and t-shirts and all we have to do is check the box for any items not appropriate for his age and take them out before he gets his hands on it. Like the first item in this months Nerd Block.
Comic-Con Episode IV: A fan’s Hope is a behind the scenes look at 2011 San Diego Comic Con and the fans that gather at the worlds largest comic book convention. 
This DVD is a PG-13 and I would say this probably isn’t appropriate for an 8 year old to watch, especially with the inevitable cascade of boobs at Comic Con. Not only that but he couldn’t watch it even if he was old enough because it is NTSC, so this came out of the box.
What this really means, is that not only do I have a new DVD to watch on the laptop but I also have a mini figure of Stan Lee, Excelsior!
The rest of it is 8 year old appropriate, so lets have a look.
Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Plush: This is all kinds of awesome and now I am the jealous one. From what I have seen, there were 3 different types of plush you could get, the other 2 being a Walker and the Millennium Falcon and I am now on the look out for both of those because they are adorable. 

Next up is the 2nd Star Wars themed item in this box, a Star Wars Insider magazine. Ki had a good read through this and loved all the awesome pictures, because this was different from the magazines he would normally go for, it was something he was genuinely interested in. 

Next up is what I would say was the best item in the box, the Nerf Zombie Strike, or at least it would have been the best item had it not been defective.
This was a little bit of a disappointment for Kian, he already has quite a nice collection of Nerf Guns and we love a good Nerf War, so he was really excited about playing with this. I contacted Nerd Block to see if there was any way we could get a replacement item but was told they were out of stock and was given a $5 refund instead. Which I suppose based on the cost of the box and the item count, that is probably a relative amount, but that amounts to £2.97 and is nowhere near enough to go and buy a replacement, so I am still left with a disappointed child. 

The final item was also a really good item, the t-shirt, one of the main reason we went for a Nerd Block Classic. 
This months t-shirt was a TMNT Turtle Power, Parts, Repairs and Pizzas design and as you know from recent nail art, we also like the Turtles. So this went down really well with Ki. We got it in Youth size Small which fits him perfectly.
Overall, it was an up and down experience with the first Nerd Block, and if I compare it to Loot Crate, which let’s face it, we are all going to do, there doesn’t seem to be a theme or any congruity in the items put in the box, I don’t know if this is what it is always like but that’s just an observation.
Nerd Block have announced that there will be a Funko in the August box, which I know Ki will love no matter what the character is and hopefully the next box won’t have any disappointments in it at all.

Author: Chrissie

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