But first you must face my blades!

So last week I did some TMNT nails and when I realised I had some silver spikes that I hadn’t used yet, I decided that a Villain in the shape of Shredder would be my next mani.
Of course, it had to be based on (loosely or otherwise) the Shredder from the 1987 series and I used this picture as a basis.
It took me many attempts to get it to a point where I was happy with it, because it was all freehanded, a few times left me with really wobbly lines and smears everywhere, but I really like how it turned out in the end.
Excuse the ginormous thumb, but I wanted to show what it look like from the top.
Ok, so it’s not practical for day to day wear but maybe for a night out or a day where you want people to know you mean business and that you will kick some ass if you have to.
No Shredder doesn’t have any eyes, that is one (of many) of the things they failed to hand me in the talent department, I cannot for the life of me, draw or paint people eyes, and I thought that if I attempted it, it would ruin the look and I would have to start all over again.
Colours used: Barry M Silver Foil, Rimmel 60 Seconds Purple Reign, Barry M Grey, Barry M Gelly Lychee and the Barry M Nail Art Pen in black for the line details.
I attached the spikes by applying top coat and pushing them on while it was still tacky. I didn’t use Seche, just a cheap top coat, this meant the spikes came off rather quickly, so if I was to wear them for a night out, I would probably use Seche or some nail glue to ensure they stay on.
Would you wear nails like this? Are there any characters you want to put on your nails but have never attempted it? What do you think should be the next nerdy nail art I try?

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